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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 24

Enclosure 1 in above

Enclosure 1 in above.

Mr Stewart to Mr Gillies.

Lisbeg, Ballygawley,

Dear Sir,—

Though I have not had the pleasure of hearing from you personally, yet as Mr.-Farnall has sent me copies of your letters to him, in which you have explained yourself in such kind and favorable terms with regard to my proposed special settlement in the Province of Auckland, that I think it only due to you to return you ray best thanks for the warm an energetic manner in which you have taken up the matter. It is, of course, a serious responsibility to break up a long and well-established home in this country; however, I have duly weighed all the circumstances, and acting on Mr Farnall's representations of the Colony have made my arrangements to enable me to leave this country (d.v.) next spring.

The first vessel under the special scheme will sail to Auckland in October, and I have not the slightest doubt but that the block of 30,000 acres will be taken up by my party. I would therefore ask you to be good enough to reserve for me my lot of 1000 acres (to which the number of my family will entitle me), out of the best portion of the 10,000 or 20,000 acre block.

The first emigrants arriving may naturally prefer to receive the best lots, but I firmly believe it will be for the true interests of the success of the scheme, if I did not go with the first party, as by following in May will enable those who are in doubt to make up their minds and follow with me, on hearing good reports from those who have preceded them in October.

In conclusion I must bear my humble testimony as to the manner in which Mr Harry Farnall is conducting the business and representing the interests of the Auckland Government in this country. I have found him most kind and courteous, sparing himself no trouble or exertion in meeting the wishes and long letters from his numerous correspondents on this subject. It is said "comparisons are odious" but I can truly state that had I received from Mr Farnall the same kind of reply as I received from the New Zealand Government Office in London, on the subject of emigration, you would never have heard anything about this proposed settlement, which I know will be a great success. I have one Presbyterian clergyman, who has promised to follow me with thirty families of the upper respectable class of yeoman farmers, if I give him good encouragement on reaching the future land of my adoption.

Yours, &c.

His Honor T. B. Gillies,


Geo. Vesey Stewart.