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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 24

[letter from Thomas B. Gillies]

"Sir,—I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 5th February, relative to the proposed Emigration of a considerable body of settlers from the North of Ireland, as described by you, and have to thank you for at once communicating with us thereon, as well as for the interest displayed by you in promoting the welfare of the Province by directing such a valuable class of emigrants to it.

"In reply to your enquiries, I may state that the information given by you as to the allowance of land to settlers under the Auckland Waste Lands Act, 1870, is correct, and I would be prepared to set aside a special block for these settlers, wherever they might select out of Provincial Lands. As you are aware, the lands south of Mercer are under the administration of the General Government, not of the Provincial Government; but f have very little doubt but the General Government would consent to give similar terms in respect of these lands to such a body of settlers, and I will at once communicate with them on the subject, and write you by next mail. As to giving a larger free grant to the leader of the party than 300 acres, the Provincial Government would willingly do so if they had power by law; but it can only be done in concert with the General Government, by the latter making regulations for the purpose, which they have power to do. On this subject, also, I shall at once communicate with them, and let you know the result by next mail.

"I may assure you that the Provincial Government are most anxious to encourage such a body of settlers as you describe, who are specially adapted for settlement in this Province, and everything that lies in the power of the Provincial Government will be done to meet the views of these settlers, and to enable them to settle on such a block of good land as may afford comfortable homes for themselves and the families.

"I have the honour to be, Sir,

"Your most obedient servant,

"Thomas B. Gillies,


"H. W. Farnall,

"2½, Corporation Street, Belfast."