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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 23

b. Rhea (Bœhmeria nivca, also Urtica nivea and U. tenacissima)

b. Rhea (Bœhmeria nivca, also Urtica nivea and U. tenacissima).

Of all Indian fibres, the one which at present attracts most attention in this country is that of the Rhea. As soon as arrangements have been effected for its production, along with that of other species of nettle which abound in various parts of India, it is anticipated that fibres from this class of plants will eventually page 37 occupy a position second only in importance to that of cotton and flax, late experiments have shown that the fibre of the Rhea can be turned to account for the manufacture of a variety of fabrics of a very valuable and useful description; and its extended cultivation in India is worthy of every attention and encouragement. The great desideratum is an efficient machine for the separation of the fibre from its parent stem.

707.Rhea, Bœhmeria nivea, Gowhatty.
708.Rhea, Bœhmeria nivea, Nowgong, Assam.
709.Rhea, Bœhmeria nivea, Debrooghur, Assam.
710.Rhea. Bœhmeria nivea, Debrooghur, Assam.
711.Rhea, Bœhmeria nivea, softened.
712.Rhea, Bœhmeria nivea, bleached.
713.Wild rhea, Assam.