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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22



Dr. Hicks, having studied the adjoining rocks of the mainland of Scotland, differed from the authors as to the age of the metamorphic scries, and thought they must be Pre-Cambrian, and belonging to two if not three Pre-Cambrian series.

Prof. Bonnet asked as to the evidence of the passage of gabbro into serpentine.

Mr. Horne replied that they did not attempt in the paper to fix the age of the metamorphic rocks referred to by Mr. Hicks, and insisted on their views as to the intrusive character of the quartz-felsites of Shetland.

In reply to Prof. Bonney, he stated that he and his fellow author had not minutely studied the supposed passage of one rock into the other, but that Dr. Heddle, who had so studied them, had arrived at the same conclusion as themselves.

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Table Of Signs And Colours. Old Red Sandstone. Gneissose series. Liniestone series. Sehistose series Metamorphic series. Tuff. Porphyrite Old Red Sandstone Volcanic Rocks. Granite, Quartz- felsite, Syemite. (Intrusive) Diorite of the Mainland. Gabbro of Unst and Fetlar, and Porphyrias dykes of the Mainland. Serpentine. Primary. Secondary Glacial Striae. Direction of ice flow and dispersal of atones in boulder clay itiu'itia Primary glaciation Grind of the Navir Shetland

Quart. Journ . Geol. Soc .Vol. XXXV. Pl. XXXIX.