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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

Section IV.—Notice of Election—Fellows to pay Admission-fee and sign Obligation—Admission

Section IV.—Notice of Election—Fellows to pay Admission-fee and sign Obligation—Admission.

1.—The Secretary shall address to every person elected a Fellow, on the day after his election, a printed copy of the letter No. I. in the Appendix, and of the Obligation, No. II. in the Appendix, together with a copy of the Charter and Bye-laws of the Society, a list of the Fellows, and a Card announcing the days on which the Society will hold its Meetings during the season.

2.—No person elected a Fellow shall be entitled to exercise any privilege as such, nor shall his name be printed in any list of the Society, until he shall have paid his admission-fee [see Sect. VI.], and shall have returned the Obligation, signed by himself and addressed to the Secretaries at the House of the Society; and unless he pay his admission-fee, and return the Obligation, signed and addressed as aforesaid, within two calendar months from the day of his election, or within such further time as the Council may grant upon special cause to them shown, the election of such Fellow shall be void.

3.—When a Fellow shall have paid his admission-fee, and shall have returned the Obligation, as aforesaid, he shall then be entitled to exercise all the privileges of a Fellow; and his name shall be entered in the lists of the Society.

4.—Every Fellow who has paid his admission-fee, and has returned the Obligation, as aforesaid, shall, at the first ordinary general meeting whereat he shall be present, subscribe a duplicate of the aforesaid Obligation, in a page 7 book to be kept for that purpose; after which he shall be presented by some Fellow to the Chairman, who, addressing him aloud by name, shall say, "In the name and by the authority of the Geological Society of London, I admit you a Fellow thereof."