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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

Section XVIII.—Treasurer

Section XVIII.—Treasurer.

1.—It shall be the duty of the Treasurer,—
1°.To see to the collecting of all moneys due to the Society; and, to that end, to recommend to the Council a person to be appointed Collector; to ascertain that the sureties offered by such person are sufficient; to give instructions to such person from time to time in what manner to proceed; to see that both he, and all other persons in receipt of sums for the use of the Society, pay in the sums, as soon as received, to the Banker of the Society; and that all sums so paid in are regularly entered in the Banker's Book:
2°.To see that the drafts paid by the Banker are regularly authorized by the Council:
3°.To examine from time to time the various account-books of the Society, and to advise the Council as to the sums to be advanced in order to meet the house-expenses:
4°.To see that accounts of the receipts and payments, of the income and expenditure, and of the property of the Society, are regularly page 25 kept by the Accountant, arranged in such manner as may apear expedient to the Council; and that, as soon as may be after the 1st of January in every year, the annual accounts are prepard, in order to be submitted to the Auditors:
5°.To attend, when required, to the investment and disposition o any moneys, effects, stock, or securities, belonging to the Society:
6°.To report at the desire of the Council, or whenever he may hink fit, on any special matter relating to the finances of the Sociey.