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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 22

Section XIV.—President

Section XIV.—President.

1.—The President shall be, in virtue of his office, the Chairman of the Council, and of all general meetings of the Fellows, and a Member of all Committees appointed by the Council.

2.—It shall be the duty of the President to execute, and cause to be executed, the provisions of the Charter and the Bye-Laws of the Society; to see that all the Officers of the Society and Members of the Council and of Committees perform the duties assigned to or undertaken by them respectively; to call for reports and accounts from Committees and Persons; to cause, of his own authority, and when necessary, Special Meetings of the Council and of Committees to be summoned; and to propose from time to time to the Council such measures as shall appear to him conducive to the welfare of the Society.

3.—It shall be the duty of the President, whenever he shall deem it expedient, to direct the Secretaries to suppress, in whole or in part, or to postpone, the reading of any paper, communicated to the Society in order to be read at its meetings, and to report to the Council the directions so given.

4.—It shall be the duty of the President, as Chairman of the Council, to appoint Referees to examine and report on original papers communicated to the Society previous to their publication. [See Sect. XXI. Art. 5.]

5.—It shall be the duty of the President, after advising with the other page 23 Officers, to submit to the Council, for their consideration, the names of persons to be appointed Auditors, and of persons to be recommended to the Annual General Meeting as Members of the Council or Officers of the Society.

6.—It shall be the duty of the President, when prevented from being present at the meetings of the Fellows or of the Council, or from giving his attention to the current business of the Society, to give timely notice thereof to some Vice-President, or other member of the Council, in order that his place may be properly supplied.