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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

South Australian Institute

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South Australian Institute.

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1. In presenting their report of the proceedings of the past twelve months, the Board are glad to be able to say, for the first time for some years, that there has been a decided improvement during the year in the position and prospects of the Institute. There has been an increase, more especially during the last six months, in the number of subscribers to the Library and in the circulation of books, and as the Government grant has been restored in the present year to nearly the amount at which it stood formerly, the Board have been able to order books more freely than they have done for some years, a change of which before long the subscribers will feel the advantage.

2. The enlargement of the Institute building, which has for so many years been a standing topic in the annual reports of the Board, has as usual occupied a considerable share of their attention during the year. It would appear that the measures adopted in 1871 for pressing this matter upon the attention of the community and the Legislature are not destined to be altogether fruitless, as there is now some reasonable ground for hoping that this long-delayed and very necessary work may actually be commenced next year, although not on so extensive a scale as was at one time anticipated. The Government have placed the sum of three thousand pounds upon the Estimates for 1873 as a first instalment towards providing increased accommodation, more especially for the Museum and the Library.

3. Lectures.—The anticipation in last year's report of a speedy resumption of the Institute lectures became a reality sooner than was expected, as the Board found themselves able to arrange for a short course of lectures in the spring, terminating with the usual Christmas entertainment of select readings. The attendance at the lectures was considerably above the average, and at the readings the room was as usual crowded. The Board take this opportunity of thanking the gentlemen who contributed on that occasion to a very pleasant and successful entertainment. The following lectures, &c., have been given since the date of the last report:—

"Elizabeth Barrett Browning"—Miss Spence.

"Robert Browning"—Miss Spence.

"Food; its Chemical Features, &c."—Mr. G. Francis.

"The Golden Ago of English Literature"—Rev. J. Davidson.

"Select Readings."

4. Classes.—Considerable changes have taken place in this department during the year. At the date of the last report the Mastership of the Latin, Greek, and English Classes had become vacant in consequence of the resignation of Mr. G. R. Irwine, which was followed not long afterwards by his death. Applications were invited from gentlemen desirous of filling the post in question; this resulted in the appointment of the Rev, H. Read, M.A. A desire having been expressed that a mathematical class should be established, a similar course was adopted, and the Rev. T. Field, M.A., was appointed master. Recently the Board decided that those masters of classes at the Institute who hold degrees or some recognised equivalent thereto should be styled professors. At the present time only the two gentlemen mentioned above are entitled to that designation. Miss Hinton's classes for ladies were continued during the greater part of the year, but are now closed, and the Rev. Mr. Read has commenced classes for ladies in English, Latin, and Greek. The Elocution Society after an existence of about six years was formally dissolved in June last, and there is now no Society of that kind in connection with the Institute.

The classes in existence at the present time are:—

Latin, Greek, and English—Professor, Rev. H. Read, M.A.

Mathematics—Professor, Rev. T: Field, .M.A.

French and German—Master, Mr. H. Nootnagel.

Vocal Music—Master, Mr. H. F. Price.

Drawing, Painting, and Modelling—Master, Mr. C. Hill, under the superintendence of the S. A. Society of Arts.

The following are extracts from the reports of the Professors and masters of the different classes, except the drawing classes, the report on which appears in the sub-report of the S.A. Society of Arts (Appendix B):—

The Rev. H. Read, M.A., Professor of Classics, reports that the total number of pupils who have attended his classes during the year has been—Latin, 7; Greek, 3; English 7. And that the number at the present time is—Latin, 6; Greek, 2; English, 3. The pupils in the Latin Class are in various stages, from the rudiments to easy extracts from the classics, with exercises in Latin prose. The Professor further states that one of his pupils has recently page 2 passed with commendation an examination by the Presbytery of the Scotch Church in Latin and Greek. The English Class has latterly been reduced in number, several pupils having: left it for various reasons. At the request of the Board the Rev. Mr. Read has lately opened classes for ladies in Latin, Greek, and English. Hitherto, however, very few have availed themselves of this opportunity for study.

The Rev. T. Field, M.A., Professor of Mathematics, reports that the total number of pupils admitted into the Mathematical Class since its formation in April last has been 12, and that during the first term their attendance was regular and their progress satisfactory. Since then the number has been reduced to seven, three pupils having left to join the Union College Classes and two others having been prevented by unavoidable causes from continuing their attendance. The course of instruction so far has included the first book of Euclid and Algebra to Simple Equations. The Professor concludes his report by saying that the pupils under his care are, he believes, making sound progress in their studies, to which they are giving unremitting attention.

Mr. Nootnagel reports that the average number of pupils in his classes during the past year has been as follows:—German, 6; French, 3; and that the number at present is—German, 8; French, 4. The classes include both ladies and gentlemen, and Mr. Nootnagel reports favourably of their attention and progress.

Mr. H. F. Price reports that Hullah Class No. 13 was formed in March last, but it being too small to be carried on successfully, another class was formed in July, with which No. 13 was incorporated. This class numbers at the present about 20 pupils; the average attendance being about 12, and the progress satisfactory. A severe illness in the early part of this year prevented Mr. Price from attending his classes for some months, which of course has had an unfavourable effect upon them.

In their last report the Board stated that they had submitted to the Government for confirmation an additional Statute giving them power to hold periodical examinations of young persons of either sex in general education, with the intention that such examinations should, besides the service they might be expected to render to the cause of education generally, be available as the Preliminary General Examination to be passed before a young man can be admitted to pursue his professional education under the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The Government approved of the proposal, and in due course the Statute, of which a copy is given below, was approved by His Excellency the Govornor-in-Chief, and laid before Parliament, this being the mode prescribed by the Institute Act, for the legalization of additions to or alterations in the Schedule of Statutes and Rules. The Governmeut stipulated, however, that before any action was taken under this Statute, the formal recognition of the proposed examinations by the Royal College of Surgeons should be obtained. The consequent communication with England has caused some delay, and it was only very recently that a letter was received from the Secretary of the Royal College of Surgeons, conveying the satisfactory intelligence that the Council of that body had, after due consideration, passed a resolution recognizing the proposed examinations. The Board are now engaged in settling the details of the scheme, which will be made public as soon as it is matured. It is intended if possible to hold the first examination in the month of September next.

"Addition and Amendment to the Schedule of Statutes and Rules in the Schedule B to the 'South Australian Institute Act; 1863.'

"The Board of Governors shall be and are hereby empowered to institute periodical examinations, which shall be open to the youth of the colony of both sexes, and for that purpose to appoint and remove Examiners from time to time, subject to the following regulations;—

"1. Every candidate shall be of the age of not less than 15 years, and not more than 21 years, and shall have been resident in the colony for not less than 12 months.

"2. The examinations shall be held at such times and places, and shall include such subjects, as may from time to time be determined by the said Board; provided that they shall comprise all the subjects prescribed by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for the preliminary examination of candidates commencing their professional education there.

"3. The Board of Governors shall at the close of each examination grant certificates to all candidates who have passed satisfactorily, in such form as they may from time to time determine, and shall also cause to be published in the Government Gazette the names of all such candidates arranged in the order of merit.

"4. The Board of Governors may charge such fees to candidates for examination, and grant such fees to examiners, and make such awards of prizes to successful candidates, and also make such other payments in relation to the said examinations as shall to them seem fit.

"5. The Board of Governors may from time, to time make, alter, and rescind By-laws for the purpose of regulating the mode of conducting the said examinations."

"By order of the Board,

"Robert Kay

, Secretary. "By command,

"William Milne

, Chief Secretary. "Approved,

"James Fergusson

, Governor. "January 3, 1872."

5. Country Institutes.—The country Instistitutes continue to progress satisfactorily and to increase in number. During the past year four newly-established Institutes have been affiliated, viz., Highercombe, Ardtornish, Troubridge, and Salter's Springs; one Institute has been roopened and one has been closed. The total number of Institutes in operation at the present time is 63.

The following are the principal statistics of the Country Institutes for January 1, 1872:—Total number of books, 59 Institutes ... 36,13 Total number of members, 59 Institutes.. 2,302 Income for year ending December 31, 1871, exclusive of Government aid, 58 Institutes ... ... £2,559 15 5

Circulation of books during the year ending December 31, 1871, 58 Institutes 57,823 The following is a list of the grants to Country Institutes for the present year, the amounts being at present in course of payment by the Board:—

page 3
Aidinga £13 8 0.9
Angaston 48 10 1
Ashwell 9 13 0
Athelstone 14 11 7
Auburn 21 12 8
Barossa Diggings 9 14 8
Brighton 8 3 1
Burra 14 16 2
Clare 28 12 0
Clarendon 5 0 0
Crafers 5 0 0
Finniss Flat 4 17 0
Finniss Vale 4 4 8
Gawler 105 19 4
Glenburn 2 9 10
Glen Osmond 5 8 7
Goolwa 8 0 6
Gumeracha 25 12 6
Hahndorf 6 12 4
Highercombe 10 4 7
Hind marsh 23 5 0
Kapunda 45 14 2
Lacepede Bay 9 2 10
Lyndoch 9 5 10
Macclesfield 4 14 5
Maclaren Vale 5 7 5
Meadows 2 12 0
Melrose £4 9 10
Mitcham 5 14 1
Moonta 52 10 4
Mt. Barker 14 14 0
Mt. Gambier 50 2 10
Mt. Pleasant 5 10 3
Munno Para West 9 6 4
Noarlunga 3 0 0
Norton's Summit 8 11 10
Oakbank 3 2 5
Penola 46 13 7
Port Adelaide 72 9 4
Port Gawler 9 0 0
Port Lincoln 43 18 8
Port Victor 2 12 2
Robe 44 7 11
Saddleworth 14 4 10
Sandy Creek 4 16 1
Stirling East 1 0 0
Strathalbyn 14 6 7
Tanunda 8 6 5
Truro 9 1 10
Wallaroo 15 18 0
Willunga 9 9 0
Yankalilla 9 16 7

It has come to the knowledge of the Board that some of the Country institutes which possess buildings have not had trust-deeds executed for the due protection thereof. They have therefore in all such cases declined to pay the annual grant until satisfactory trust-deeds are prepared.

The number of boxes of books in circulation amongst the Country Institutes remains the same as it was last year, viz., 63. This number, however, is very insufficient to meet the demands made upon it, and the Board hope before the end of 1872 to add at least ten boxes to their present stock, and even then they will not have more than enough.

The Palmerston Book Club, the establishment of which was notified in the last report, remains, so far as the Board are informed, in much the same condition as it was last year. It seems probable, however, that before long there may be a considerable increase of population in that part of the colony, when the Club will in all likelihood develop into an institution of a more public and permanent character. Parcels of withdrawn periodicals have been sent to it from time to time, as opportunity offered.

6. Incorporated Societies.—As heretofore, the Adelaide Philosophical Society and the South Australian Society of Arts are the only Societies incorporated with the Institute. Reports of their proceedings during the past year are attached to this report. (See Appendices B and C.) Beyond again regretting the limited accommodation they can at present afford to these Societies in the Institute building, the Board have nothing further to say on this head.

7. Museum.—It being impossible from utter want of room to make any large addition to the collection at present exhibited in the Museum, the Board have thought it advisable to do what appeared possible in the way of improving its apearance, and have added a few cases where space would permit. It is to be hoped, however, that before long much more extended acommodation will be provided for the Museum, when the large number of specimens for which there is at present no room may be made available. It is pleasant, meantime, to be able to report that even with its present restricted accommodation the Museum attracts a large number of visitors not merely on holidays but at all times, amounting probably to 50,000 persons in the course of the year. Many specimens have been received as donations during the year, and others have been procured by exchange, of which a fuller account will be found in the Curator's report. (Appendix A.)

8. Library.—The following is a summary of the results of the annual examination of the Library, which took place as usual in May last, viz.:— Vols. Vols. Total number of books in the" Catalogues (printed and manuscript) in May, 1872 Less, 17,408 Books withdrawn prior to May, 1871, having been lost, worn out, or otherwise disposed of 530 16,878 Deduct Books found to be missing in May, 1872 105 Books condemned during the year as unserviceable, being worn out 62 Book (duplicate) removed 1 168 Total number of volumes in the Library, or in the hands of subscribers, at the time of the examination 16,710

The Board desire to acknowledge the following donations to the Institute Library during the past year, viz.:— The Government of New South Wales Statutes of New South Wales, 1871-2. Clerk to the Parliaments of Now South Wales Journals of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, Sess., 1870-71 and 1871-2. Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, New South Wales Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, Sess., 1870-71 and 1871-2. The Trustees of the Free Public Library, Sydney Catalogue of the Library. First Report of the Trustees for 1870-71. Clerk of the Legislative Council, Victoria Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council, Victoria, 1871. Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, Victoria Votes, Papers, &c., Sess., 1871. Secretary of the Industrial and Technological Museum, Melbourne Lectures, 1871. The Government of New Zealand Statistics of New Zealand, 1870. The Provincial Government of Otago Provincial Ordinances, 1871. Votes and Proceedings, 1871.

page 4

Dr. Hector, Wellington, New Zealand Report of Geological Explorations in Now Zealand, 1870-71. Meteorological Report, N.Z., 1870. Catalogue of Samples of Fibre. New Zealand Institute-Annual Address by President, Sir G. Bowen, Sept. 4,1871. Transactions of New Zealand Institute, vol. 4. Catalogue of the Birds of New Zealand. First, Third, and Sixth Reports of the Colonial Museum and Laboratory, N.Z. Catalogue of the Fishes of Now Zealand. The Government of Western Australia Acts of Council, 1871, &c. Blue-Book, 1871. Superintendent of Public Education, Ontario ... Report for 1870. Trustees of the British Museum ... Catalogues, Lists, and Guides, &c., 40 vols. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm ... Transactions, &c., 20 vols. Hon. Secretary of the Cobden Club, London ... ... The Cobden Club Essays, 2nd series. Hon. Sir J. Morphett, M.L.C Encyclopaedia Edinensis, 6 vols. Anderson on Commerce, 4 vols. Henry's Commentary on the Bible, 6 vols. America Illustrated, 2 vols. Conder's Modern Traveller, 33 vols. C. Bonney, Esq. Holtzapfell on Turning, vol. 3 (to complete a set). Author ... ... Time and Eternity—A Poem, by G. MacHenry.

The Board have also to acknowledge with thanks the regular receipt of presentation copies of the following:—
  • The "Chemical Society's Journal."
  • The "Statistical Society's Journal."
  • The "Food Journal."

The loss of the P. & O. Company's steamer Rangoon, at Point de Galle, in November last, caused an interruption in the regular supply of periodicals and newspapers; fortunately, however, there happened to be very few of the former in that vessel. Of the missing newspapers the greater part have been replaced; some, however, cannot be got, and the files must necessarily remain imperfect. With this exception the periodicals and newspapers per English mail have been regularly received during the year; a few books have also been received in that way. Two small parcels of books have been procured from Melbourne during the year, and two crders for books have been sent to London, the first instalment of which may be expected in the early part of next year.

9. Statistics.—The following are the principal statistics of the Library Department of the Institute for the past year, with the corresponding figures for the previous one:—
1871-72. 1870-71.
Number of volumes circulated during the year 52,958 48,345
Number of volumes in the Library at the annual examination in May 16,710 16,232
Number of new subscriptions received during the year—Quarterly, 133; annual, 15 148 101
Average number of subscribers throughout the year, as shown by the amount received for subscriptions 642 600

10. Board of Governors.—The Rev. Canon Farr, M.A., one of the Governors appointed by His Excellency the Governor-in-Chief, retired from office on October 1, 1871, and was reappointed.

Mr. N. Blyth will retire by rotation on October 1, he having held office longest of the three nominated Governors; and Messrs. W. Everard and C. Todd, who represent the S.A. Society of Arts and the Philosophical Society, will retire from office in the course of October. The vacancies so caused will have to be filled up by the above-mentioned Societies.

Mr. L. Glyde, M.P., and Mr. J. Howard Clark, who represent the subscribers to the Library, will retire at the annual meeting to be hold on October 14, when the subscribers will elect their representatives for the ensuing year.

All the retiring Governors are eligible for re-appointment or reelection as the case may be.

11. Receipts and Expenditure.—'The following is a statement of the receipts and expenditure of the Institute during the past year:— Dr. September 30,1871. Balance in Bank ... £344 2 0 September 30, 1872. H.M. Government. Institute grant for one year... Subscriptions and Entrance-fees received during year—... 1,330 0 0 Annual ... ... ..£130 14 2 Quarterly ... ... ...529 14 10 660 9 0 Library Account. Received For Books Lost Or Injured, &C. 4 14 6 Catalogue Account. Received For Catalogues Sold ... 3 12 0 Lecture Account. Proceeds Of Lectures ... ... 4 15 0 Contribution And Rent Account. Contribution From the Philosophical Society for the year ending September 30,1871 ... ... Do. from the South Australian Society of Arts £12 0 0 for do ... .... 20 0 0 Rent of Laboratory for one year ... ... 10 0 0 42 0 0 Miscellaneous Receipts. Fines received during year for non-return of books 1 7 6 Tin case-linings sold 0 16 6 2 4 0

page 5

Country Institute Grant Account. Received from H.M. Government for payment of grants to Country In stitutes for 1872 910 15 11 COUNTRY INSTITUTE ACCOUNT (GENERAL). Received from H.M. Government, unappropriated balance of grant for 1872 ... ... 89 4 1 Do. from Bank of South Australia, being interest on amount deposited on Apparatus Account 13 10 0 Do. from sundry Institutes, in payment for lectures, books lost, &c. 10 18 3 Amount received for purchase of books ... 29 0 0 142 12 4 Total ... £3,445 4 9 CR. September 30,1872. LIBRARY ACCOUNT. Paid for books, &c.. purchased in the Colonies, and sundry freight and charges ... ... 109 10 7 Remitted to the Society of Arts (London) for books and periodicals, and premiums on the same 302 17 6 Paid for binding books 73 17 9 Paid for rebinding and repairing books, covers for magazines, &c. ... 46 14 11 ?533 0 9 Less—Amount transferred to Country Institutes Account (and charged below) for books purchased in London and premium on remittance 88 2 8 444 18 1 LECTURE ACCOUNT. Expenses of Lectures and Readings in the latter part of 1871 ... 17 17 6 MUSEUM ACCOUNT. Sundry expenditure, including salary of Curator ... ... 319 16 10 FURNITURE AND FITTINGS ACCOUNT. Cost of now shelving, &c. ... 20 12 3 EVENING CLASSES ACCOUNT—Grant to School of Design 24 17 0 Advertising classes 9 14 6 34 11 6 COUNTRY INSTITUTE GRANT ACCOUNT. Paid balance of grants for 1871 ... ... 102 13 7 Do. grants for 1872 to date 824 5 6 926 19 1 (Memo: Amount still awaiting application £86 10s. 5d.)

Country Institute Account (General). Paid on account of lecture-fees and lecturers' travelling expenses 18 14 6 Do. for binding, printing, advertising, postage, and sundry expenses 38 6 3 Do. sundry special grants to new Institutes 22 10 0 Do. repair of apparatus, &c. ... ... 8 8 6 Books purchased through Society of Arts, London—amount from Library Account above ... 88 2 8 176 1 11 Salaries Account. Paid officers salaries 845 0 0 Incidental Expenses Account. Sundry payments, including firing, lighting, insurance, cleaning:, re pairs, &c ... 167 8 3 Printing, Postage, Stationery, Advertising, &C., ACCOUNT. Sundry payments 32 17 3 Balance in Bank, including £300 belonging to Country Institute Account, but set apart for purchase of philosophical apparatus 459 2 1 Total ... £3,445 4 9

12. Conclusion.—The Board close their review of the proceedings of the past year with the feeling that there is in it more evidence of substantial improvement than it has been their lot to chronicle for some time, and they trust that in the coming year the improvement may be more manifest, and that the subjects treated of in this report as probabilities may have become realities.

Neville Blyth

, Chairman.

Robt. Kay

, Secretary. South Australian Institute, Sept. 30, 1872.