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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20


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Proceedings of last Assembly, Page 3
Motions anent Union, 4
Protests, 5
All modification of Free Church principles disavowed by the Assembly of 1864, 7
Repeated assurances given as to no hurrying. 8
Such assurances specially pledged by Dr Buchanan, 29
These assurances violated at last Assembly, 8
Meeting of the protesting minority, 8
Declaration agreed on and signed, 8
Our position as a minority, 9
Our attitude defensive and conservative, 9
Preservation of our historical identity, 10
Are our convictions to be respected? 30
We are not acting hastily or rashly, 10
We are the maintainers of Free Church principles, 10
The rights of a minority sacred, 11
Cases in which a minority must continue its action, 11
Claims of minorities, ecclesiastical and civil, 11
What will the majority do with us? 11,12
Solemn protestations that not a hoof should be left, 12,29
Present case demands the continued resistance of the minority, 12
Proposed union, if carried, irreversible, 12
Injustice of union without unanimity, 13
Violation of principle implied, 13
Discovery by the majority that certain things are outside the Confession, 13
We refuse to be voted out of the Free Church, 13
Ecclesiastical junction is not union, 13
Difference between the inner and outer oneness, 14
The majority's imperfect and inconsistent theory of union, 14
U. P. brethren fraternise with the Establishment, 14
The magnitude of the changes involved in the present scheme, 15
Open questions, 15
Disunion the certain result of the present union scheme, Page 16
Open questions formerly repudiated, 16
Creation of open questions full of danger, 17
Endowments not outside the Confession, 17
Our desire is to be the successors of the Reformation Church, 17
Alteration of Disruption principles by some, 18
The distinctive position of the Free Church, 18
Treachery threatened to our people, 18
Have we raised money under false pretences? 19
Let us abide by the principles of 1843, 19
The so-called paltry question of money, 19
Establishment question sacred so long as it suited a purpose, 20
Endowments the recognised exponents of certain truths, 21
Endowments not despised by Knox and his fellows, 22
Practical ambiguities of the late formula of union, 22
Ambiguity a bar to union, 23
No surrender of Free Church principle possible, 23
Ecclesiastical property, 23
Argument from expected political strength, 23
Reservation of certain questions for future controversy, 24
Dissolution of the Free Church contemplated, 24
Unanimity absolutely necessary, 25
Must be no precipitation, 25
What is to become of those of us who will not leave the Free Church for the new body? 26
We are not enemies to union, 26
Union cannot be forced, 27
We are prepared for the responsibility of arresting the present union scheme, 27
Is the majority prepared to rend the Free Church, 27,40
Misrepresentations of our position, 28
Our hopes and fears, 28
Hurry and hard driving, 29
Confession of Faith and Endowments, 30
Dr R. Buchanan's opinion of Voluntaryism and its origin, 33,34
Dr Candlish on Voluntaryism, 34
Right union principles, 35
Law of property, 35
Disruption principles stated by Dr Candlish, 35
Sin proposed to be made an open question, 38
Homage to Christ to be made an open question, 38
Irish Presbyterians, 38
Organ question, 39
Present state of the union question, and policy of its advocates, 40