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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Harmonial Method of Action

Harmonial Method of Action.

All precipitate action must be avoided in our social changes towards a pure harmonial state of society, the beauties of which seem so attractive and the advantages so great; fear of want and prospect of ease and abundance will drive or draw men into a trial of a new state page 26 of society who are utterly unfit to enter into it, and indeed if these be the only motives that load them to adopt our usages—alas for our success; avarice, selfishness and ravenous greed will follow in their wake, marring our harmony; the secret of our success gone, discord and disolution ensues. The feeling we have of our mental and spiritual wants, the hope that inspires us with a glorious future for the race and leads us to be willing to sacrifice wealth, ease, comfort, honour; and all men count most dear to gain our object—the good of all without personal distinction, must be our leading thought. Now, men and women are excited to labor by the hope of personal gain. Then they must be rendered harmonial, and labor for the public good, their personal health and green vigor of mind will be preserved as they pursue virtue instead of gain.