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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong.

The discovery of what is right and wrong is not always the result of reasoning, it is of times the result of our intuitive sense or preception or conviction which we cannot help feeling to be the impress of a spiritual intelligence. Eight is obedience to the highest dictates of our understanding, and wrong disobedience to those dictates.

No man willingly does wrong for wrong doings sake, he only persues a criminal or wrong course because in his ignorance he conceives that such a course is most calculated to render him happy, for happiness is the pursuit of all. The intelligent and wise take the right path and enjoy life, while the ignorant and foolish take the wrong one and don't enjoy it. It is wrong to leave that which we can control to chance or fate, and it is right to bring the highest amount of intelligence we possess to regulate ourselves and all our affairs.