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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Accountability of Society

Accountability of Society.

Every human being is an integral part of society, and his weal or woe, his peace or misery, is bound up in the bundle of social union, if the individual acts not upon general society for its good, it will re-act upon him or his progeny to their hurt. God has given harmony to our animal organisation for the performance of our animal functions, violate that harmony and we suffer, preserve it and we enjoy life. We must build our social fabric upon the tame principle of harmony in all its parts, or it will be as it has hitherto been, an ill-success and a disgrace to a world of rational beings.

As man must suffer when he by vicious actions deranges his animal functions, so must society suffer while they tolerate the possibility of vice arising from the existence of poverty and ignorance, these causes of discord must be removed, or 'tis vain and against all natural law to expect either a Golden Age or a Millenium.

No individual creates entirely the circumstances that bound his moral liberty in this life, for these the collective body of the community are responsible in the greatest measure and become the chief sufferers, and deservedly too, for permitting the existence of bad circumstances which it was in their power to remedy.

Every circumstance, whether it be Race, Family, Nationality, Religion, or aught else which prevents the affections of the individual from embracing the whole of his kind, must of necessity be false and bad, and ought to be rigidly examined, and the Golden Rule of Right and Harmony found and acted upon for no true brotherhood of our race can exist unless there be first established Harmony of sentiment, in the absence of all disparity in our social condition, and for the want of this not only every single individual but society in its collective force is responsible.