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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20



Before we proceed let me define our terms. Harmonial Philosophy! The term Harmonial is used as implying perfect unity—a happy oneness and accord in all its parts—

"All are but parti of one stupenduous whole
Whose body nature is and God the soul."

We use the term philosophy in its most extended sense, as not only embracing the physical sciences, but all the higher problems which have engaged the minds of mankind from the earliest dawn of thought. Theology, metaphysics, positive science, the physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual constitution of man, his relations with the external worlds of matter and spirit, with his fellow men, and with the great positive mind of the universe.

This is no system of high philosophy, purely abstract, designed only for the pedantic and sour-minded misanthrope, flaunting his learning before the eyes and in the ears of the untutored clown, bus is interwoven in all its details with human sympathies and social interests.