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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Infallible Teaching

Infallible Teaching.

We aver that no human language ever spoken or written is capable of conveying an immutable and infallible meaning to all mankind; for such is the mutability of all languages that, were it possible to do so in the first instance, the transmutation of the language alone, without taking into account the differences of human recipients, or the changes undergone by translation' would cause it to be variously understood in different and succeeding ages.

That teaching which approaches nearest to infallibility must be that which is stamped by deity direct upon the general nature of humanity, and the impression of which is renewed in every succeeding generation of the race.

Experience may lead to mistakes and reason to errors, but man page 14 possesses no other means of correcting his mistakes and errors except experience and reason, either in this life or its succeeding stages.