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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

[list of pamphlets and papers]

The following Pamphlets and Papers may be had on addressing a letter enclosing the price in postage stamps to Mr Thomas Scott Mount Pleasant, Ramsgate.

An Address to The Friends of Free Inquiry and Free Expression.

An Appeal to the Thoughtful.

Four Lectures, by the Rev. T. P. Kirkman, H A. Price Eightpence.

A Lay Sermon, for the Benefit of Clergy. Price Sixpence.

Eternal Pitnisfiment. An Examination of the Doctrines held by the Clergy of the Church of England. By Presbyter Anglicangs." Price Sixpence.

Letter and Spirit. By A Clergyman of the Churuh of England. Price Sixpence.

Science and Theology. By Rictiard Davies Hanson, Esq., Chief Justice of South Australia_ Price Fourpence.

A Few Words on the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and the Divinity and locomotion of Jesus. Price Sixpence.

The Zulus and the Men of Science, or the Gospel Hormonfsts; Which are the Most Dangerous? or, GreswelPs Harmony of the Resurrection Examined. Parts I. and /I. Price Sixpence each Part.

Questions, to which the Orthodox are Earnestly Requested to Give Answers.

Thoughts on Religion and the Bible. By A Lathan, and M.A. of Trill. Coll., Dublin. Prier Sixpence.

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The Opinions of Professor David F. Strauss. Price Sixpence.

A Few Selfcontradictions of the Bible. Price One Shilling, free by post.

English Life of Jesus, or Historical and Critical Analysis of the Gospels; complete in Six Parts, containing about 500 pages, price Seven Shillings and Sixpence, free by post.

Against Heromaking in Religion. By Professor Francis W. Newman. Price Sixpence.

Ritualism in the Church of England. By "Presbyter Anglicanus." Price Sixpence.

The Religious Weakness of Protestantism. By Professor Francis W. Newman. Price Sevenpence, post free.

The Difficulties and Discouragements which Attend the Study of the Scriptures. By the Right Rev. Francis Hare, D.D., formerly Lord Bishop of Cnichester. Price Sixpence.

The Chronological Weakness of Prophetic Interpretation. By a Beneficed Clergyman of the Church of England. Price 1s. 1d., post free.

On the Defective Morality of the New Testament. By Professor Francis W. Newman. Price Sixpence.

The "Church and its Reform" A Reprint. Price One Shilling.

Religious Metaphor and Expression. By W. Collins, Esq. Price Sixpence.

Original Sin. Price Sixpence.

Redemption, Imputation, Substitution, Forgiveness of Sins, and Grace. Price Sixpence.

"The Church of England Catechism Examined" By Jeremy Bentham, Esq. A Reprint. Price One Shilling.

Basis of a New Reformation. Price Ninepence.

Date of the New Testament Canoni. Price Sixpence.

Miracles and Prophecies. Price Sixpence.

"Idolatry." A Letter to a Friend. By a Beneficed Clergyman. Price Sixpence.

"Free Discussion of Religious Topics." By Samuel Hinds, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Norwich. Price One Shilling.

In Preparation, Notes on Some Errors, Improbabilities, and Irrationalities in the new Testament.

The "Sling and the Stone." Three Series of Sermons preached by the Rev. Charles Voysey, Incumbent of Healaugh, Tadcaster. Price Six Shillings each Series of Twenty four Sermons.

[Several other Publications, of which the Editions have been exhausted, are not named here.]

Printed by C. W. Reynell, Little Pulteney Street, W.