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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Session II

Session II.

The Synod met and was constituted. The Moderator in the chair.

The Synod engaged in devotional exercises during the first hour of meeting, led by the Moderator, and Messrs. Gow, Stobo, and Ryley.

Rev. James Laurie, of Wairarapa, was introduced to the Synod and associated with it.

The minutes of the former meeting were read and confirmed.

The Clerk read reports of committee on Bills and Overtures, and on order of business, when it was agreed to adopt the order as proposed by the committee.

It was agreed to record the thanks of the Synod to Dr. Stuart for his excellent sermon at the opening of the Synod, and to the Moderator for his able opening address.

It was agreed that each speaker be limited to ten minutes; the mover and seconder of motions to be excepted from this rule.

Mr. Gillies gave notice of motion, "That in the case of the death or removal from the ministry of this Church of the Moderator of Synod during the term of his office, the duties pertaining to the Moderatorship devolve upon the next preceding Moderator, being a minister of this Church."

The Moderator, Dr. Copland, Messrs. Gow, Gillies, Stobo, and Todd, were appointed a committee to confer with the Deacons' Court of First Church anent new church, the Moderator convener.

Mr. Todd gave notice that he would move when returns on Hymn Book were given in, "That the English Presbyterian Hymn Book be sanctioned by this Church for the use of its congregations." Mr. J. P. Millar gave notice that he would move as an amendment, "That the Synod delay the adopting of the English Presbyterian Hymn Book until the Synod receive the Free Church collection of paraphrases and hymns."

Mr. Gow gave notice that he would move "That whereas on completion of the First Church the funds now devoted to its exclusive use will be available for the general benefit of the Church, and whereas St. page 6 Andrew's Church is heavily burdened with debt, impeding the congregation's usefulness, the Synod resolve that so soon as there are funds available a grant be given to St. Andrew's congregation in aid of the liquidation of its debt."

It was resolved to sanction the proceedings of Clutha Presbytery in the ordination of Mr. Bett, to the pastoral charge of Tapanui, and also in the moderation of call at Lawrence in favor of Mr. Cameron.

It was agreed to instruct the Sustentation Fund Committee to include Mr. Alves as sharing in the equal dividend from the Sustentation Fund for the past year.

Report on students having been called for, the clerk of Clutha Presbytery reported that Mr. John Stevens had entered upon his second year's theological curriculum under the superintendence of the Presbytery; and the clerk of Dunedin Presbytery reported that Mr. Andrew Fleming had not taken license under the Presbytery, and was no longer under its superintendence, having accepted the rectorship of the Invercargill Grammar School, within the bounds of another Presbytery.

Overture on theological training of young men having been read, and Dr. Stuart heard in its support, it was resolved to adopt the overture, appoint a committee to consider the training of our theological students and provision for this object, and to report to next Synod.

Mr. Gow gave in report of committee on Sabbath Schools, which having been read it was resolved, that the Synod approve of the report, record its thanks to the committee, and especially to its convener, appoint a standing committee on Sabbath Schools, and remit the recommendations contained in the report to the committee, with powers, and further recommend the committee to endeavor to obtain funds to provide suitable books for Sabbath Schools.

The report of the deputation appointed to visit the outlying districts having been called for, Mr. Ryley reported verbally that owing to Mr. Kirkland's translation the deputation had not been able to fulfil their appointment.

It was agreed to add the name of Mr. Will to the Finance Committee, to which committee the Synod remitted the matter of insurance of church buildings.

Adjourned to meet in this place this evening at 7 o'clock.

Closed with prayer.