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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Session IX

Session IX.

The Synod met and was constituted. The Moderator in the chair.

The minutes of last meeting read and approved.

The Rev. Mr. Blake obtained leave of the Synod to withdraw the motion of which he had given notice, respecting services at the Heads.

The Rev. Mr. Gow, with the leave of the Synod, withdrew the motion standing in his name, with regard to a grant to St. Andrew's congregation.

The Finance Committee was instructed to advise the Factor as to an agreement with the Government with reference to the carrying of Cumberland street through the Church Hill property.

Report of the deputation to Northern Church having been called for, the same was given in by Mr. Watt, when the following deliverance was adopted:—"That the Synod receive the report of the deputy, record the thanks of the Synod to the deputy for his diligence, appoint Dr. Stuart and Mr. Ryley, ministers, and Messrs. A. Anderson and A. Rennie, elders, their deputies to the General Assembly, to meet at Auckland in December next; and with a view to forward the carrying out of the practical suggestions made by the General Assembly with respect to co-operation respecting theological training, and with a view also to make suggestions towards a closer co-operation which may ultimately, and at no long distance hence, result in an incorporating union, appoint the following committee, viz.—The deputies, and Messrs. Bannerman and Stobo (Stobo convener), with instructions to communicate with any similar committee appointed by the General Assembly, to report to next meeting of Synod." It was also resolved to empower the Moderator to grant a commission to a member or members of the Synod to attend the Synod of Canterbury, appointed to meet in May next. And further, that the Synod express its satisfaction at the presence of the Rev. James Nish, of the page 13 Victorian Church, as the deputy of that Church, and record their thanks for the interesting information he has given to the Synod of the operations of the Church to which he belongs, and for the fraternal sentiments he has expressed towards this Church. That the Synod reciprocate the visit of the deputy by appointing the Moderator and E. B. Cargill, Esq. to represent this Church at the meeting of Assembly in November next

Report of the Sustentation Fund Committee was read and laid on the table. After deliberation, it was resolved to adopt the report; record the thanks of the Synod to the committee, especially to its convener; and that the suggestion to insert L175 in Nos. 1 and 3 of the Sustentation Fund regulations, be sent down to presbyteries and kirk sessions for their consideration, and to report to next meeting of Synod.

Appeal of Mr. J. P. Millar against decision of Presbytery of Dunedin anent proceedings of moderation of call at Kaikorai, with relative papers, was read. Compeared—Mr. Millar for himself, and Mr. Gillies for the Presbytery. Parties having been heard and removed, it was moved and seconded, "To dismiss the appeal, and confirm the judgment of the Presbytery." It was also moved and seconded, "Sustain the appeal, on the ground that it was incompetent for the Presbytery, in the face of a dissent and complaint (for leave to appeal), to proceed in the matter appealed against; but sanction the settlement that has now been made at Kaikorai." A vote having been taken, there voted for the amendment ten, and for the motion ten. The Moderator gave his casting vote in favor of the amendment, which was declared carried accordingly, and the same was intimated to parties.

The Synod adjourned, to meet in this place this evening, in private conference on the state of religion, at 7 o'clock; in public at 9 o'clock.

Closed with prayer.