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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

III.—finance Committee

page 20

III.—finance Committee.

Your Committee have much pleasure in submitting the following report upon the general funds of the Church, giving evidence as it does of progress and stability.

1. Sustentation Fund.—The total sum collected for the past year in connection with this fund was L6215 16s. 5d. This shows an increase for the year of L613 16s. 7d. Owing, however, to the increased number of ministers on the fund, the dividend payable to each minister is nearly the same as last year, viz.: for 1872, L187 19s. 8d.; for 1871, L187 12s. The congregational contributions to this fund, in order of amount, are as follows:—There are 13 congregations contributing above L200, viz.: Knox Church, L408 17s. 1Od.; East Taieri, L304 18s. 6d.; West Taieri, L295 12s.; Tokomairiro, L251 1s. 6d.; First Church, L243 6s. 5d.; St. Andrew's, L242 14s. 6d.; Oamaru, L227 10s. 10d.; Invercargill, L225; Qneenstown, L206 2s. 6d.; Otepopo, L204 18s.; Mount Ida, L203 Is., North Dunedin, L200; Palmerston, L200. There are eight congregations contributing between L200 and L150, viz.: Popotunoa, L186 6s. 4d.; Oteramika, L172 2s.; Green Island, L165 2s.; Switzers, L160; Waikouaiti, L160; Anderson's Bay, L156 8s. 6d.; North-East Harbor and Portobello; L153 1s. 6d.; Teviot, L152. There are six congregations contributing below L150, viz.: Wallacetown, L140 5s.; Clutha, L135 8s.; Waihola, L132 17s.; Port Chalmers, L131 4s.; North Taieri, L120 2s.; Hampden, L106 7s. 6d. There were seven congregations vacant for part of the year, so that the sums credited to them do not represent their contributions for the whole year. They are as follows:—Pomahaka, L133 10s.; Inch Clutha, L182 17s.; Kaikorai, L125 10s.; Winton, L125; Lawrence, L112; Riverton, L107 17s.; Balclutha, L85. The return from Warepa for the second half-year not being forward in time, it is credited with only one half-year's contributions, viz., L73.

2. Mission Fund.—Credit balance at beginning of year, L144 13s. 5d.; congregational contributions for the year, L521 11s 6d.; donations, L6; special subscriptions to Chinese mission, L16 16s. Total income for the year, L544 7s. 6d.; expenditure, L412 17s. 5d.; excess of revenue over expenditure, L131 10s. Id.; which, with last year's balance, makes a credit balance to this fund of L276 3s. 6d. This large balance arises from the removal of Mr. Blake from the Maori Mission. Had this part of the Church's operations been continued, the income would not have met the necessary expenditure. The congregational contributions to this fund have been as follows:—Knox Church, L98 13s. 2d.; Oamaru, L48 7s. 6d.; Tokomairiro, L45 18s.; East Taieri, L45; Inch Clutha, L33 6s.; Otepopo, L26 4s. 10d.; Invercargill, L25 4s. 10d.; Green Island, L24 5s.; West Taieri, L20; Balclutha, L15 16s. 6d.; First Church, L15 14s. 7d.; Waitahuna, L14 7s. 6d.; North Dunedin, L12 12s.; Waihola, L11 10s. 6d.; Teviot, L11; Lawrence, L9 2s.; Palmerston, L7 17s. 10d.; North-East Harbor, L7 16s. 7d.; St. Andrew's, L6 6s.; Popotunoa, L6 5s. 2d.; Queens, town, L6 2s.; Anderson's Bay, L5; Clutha, L4 12s.; Wallacetown, L3 18s.; Waikouaiti, L3 4s.; Oteramika, L3 3s. 8d.; Kaikorai, L3; Mount Ida, L2 Is. 6d.; Tapanui, L2; North Taieri, L1 2s. 4d.; Hampden, L1; Wairuna, L1. Special contributions to New Hebrides Mission—First Church, L6 16s.; St. Andrew's, L5; Invercargill, L1 18s.; West Taieri, 5s.; Caversham Sunday School, L2 3s. 6d.; Miss Valpy, L4;—Total, L20 2s. 6d.

3. Dayspring Fund.—The contributions to this fund show a very considerable decrease for the year; but this is accounted for by the fact that last year a special appeal was made for extra contributions for repairs required by the mission vessel; still, only 22 congregations out of the 36 sanctioned charges of the Church have contributed to this fund during the past year. They are as follows:—Tokomairiro, L23 15s. 8d.; Invercargill, L26 16s.; Knox Church, L20 10s. 7d.; Palmerston, L15; West Taieri, L14 14s, 6d.; Lawrence and Waitahuna, L14 14s.; First Church, L14; Oamaru, L10 10s.; Anderson's Bay, L8 18s.; Oteramika, L8 15s. 6d.; Clutha, L7 15s. 6d.; Kaikorai, L7 8s.; East Taieri, L6 6s.; Popotunoa, L5 11s 6d.; St. Andrew's, L5; North-East Harbor, L3 3s. 1d.; Green Island, L2 4s.; Teviot, L2; Wallacetown, L1 10s.; Balclutha, L1 7s. 6d.; Waihola, 17s. 9d.; Riverton, 10s. 3d. Total, L195 7s. 10d. The Dayspring being so necessary to the carrying on of the Mission operations in the New Hebrides, it is to be hoped that the congregations of the Church will not fail in their interest in support of this fund.

4. Church Extension Fund.—Credit balance at the beginning of the year, L11 9s. 3d.; Congregational contributions, L388 3s. 9d.; Donations, L33 7s. 8d. Total L433 8s. Expenditure, L344 14s.; leaving a credit balance to be carried forward to next year of L88 6s. 8d. The following five congregations were vacant for part of the year, and contributed for the supply granted to them as follows:—Kaikorai, L25 17s.; Lawrence, L83 11s.; Riverton, L47 11s.; Winton, L72 3s. 3d.; Alexandra, L15. page 21 Other 28 congregations of the Church contributed as follows:—Knox Church, L23 18s. 2d.; St. Andrew's, L13 10s.; West Taieri, L13 7s.; Oamaru, L8 8s.; Invercargill, L7 12s. 3d.; Green Island, L7; First Church, L7; East Taieri, L6; Queenstown, L5 17s. 4d.; Tokomairiro, L5 14s. 1d.; Otepopo, L5 1s. 6d.; Anderson's Bav, L5; Clutha, L4 3s.; Waihola, L3 8s. 6d.; Palmerston, L3 5s. 8d.; North-East Harbor, L3 4s.; Waitahuna, L2 14s. 8d.; Inch Clutha, L2 12s.; Balclutha, L2 10s.; Oteramika, L2 10s.; Waikouaiti, L2 9s. 10d.; Port Chalmers, L2 6s. 6d.; North Dunedin, L2; Teviot, L1 15s.; Hampden, L1; Wallacetown, L1; North Taieri, 13s.; Popotunoa, 8s. 4d.

5. Passage Expenses Fund.—There is at present to the credit of this fund, in the hands of the Treasurer, the sum of L135 6s. 4d. The liability to the Church at home for ministers already in this Colony is about L240; thus leaving a debt of over L100 against this fund. The Synod having, in consideration of the great necessities of the Province, agreed to send for six additional ministers, the expense attendant on the bringing out of whom may be reckoned about L600, strenuous efforts will require to be made by the Church at large to meet this liability. Your Committee would strongly urge upon the ministers of the Church to see that the claims of this fund and its great importance are fully brought before their congregations. The congregational contributions for the past year are as follows:—Knox Church, L24 8s.; West Taieri, L14 17s. 6d.; Oamaru, L10 8s. 1d.; Invercargill, L7 4s. 9d.; East Taieri, L6 10s.; Wakatip, L6 5s. 3d.; Green Island, L6; First Church, L5 10s.; Tokomairiro, L5 2s. 9d.; Anderson's Bay, L4; Balclutha, L3 15s.; Riverton, L3 7s. 2d.; North-East Harbor, L3 6s. 8d.; Palmerston, L3 6s. 1d.; Waitaki, L3 4s.; St. Andrew's, L3 1s.; Clutha, L3; Waihola, L2 19s. 5d.; Lawrence, L2 10s.; Mount Ida, L2; North Dunedin, L1 10s. 9d.; Oteramika, L1 4s.; North Taieri, L1 2s. 4d.; Popotunoa, L1 6s.; Teviot, L1'; Hampden, L1.

6. Theological College Fund.—Revenue for the year, L120 3s. 4d.; expenditure, L6 1s.; total sum now accrued, L550 2s. 9d.

7. Scholarship Fund.—The Lang Scholarship Fund amounts to L246 12s. 6d., the interest on which affords an annual bursary of L20. To the credit of the Synod Scholarship there is L48 7s.

8. Ecclesiastical Trust Fund.—Credit balance at beginning of year, L189 4s.; revenue, two-thirds of rental, L823 2s. 10d. Patd—Manse grants, L607. Balance in hand, L405 6s. 10d.

9. Educational Fund.—Revenue, one-third of rentals, L411 11s. 5d.; Interest, L172; total, L583 11s. 5d. Expenditure, L558 12s. Amount of capital fund, L2493 16s. 1d.

10. Manse Reserve Fund.—Balance in hand at beginning of year, L1743 1s. 4d.; income for the year, L942 1s. 1d. Expenditure, L112 I1s. 5d; payments to First Church during the year, L1737 10s. Balance now in hand, L835 11s.

11. The general balance-sheet shows the amount of contributions throughout the Church for the past year to have been L14,560 0s. 4d. This is a less sum than was reported last year, but a comparison of the two sheets will show the decrease is not on the funds contributed for general Church purposes, but those for congregational objects.

It is gratifying to the Committee to observe the very marked increase in the number of congregations contributing to the various Church funds, and would recommend to the Synod that the instruction to Presbyteries be renewed, to see that all the congregations within their bounds make the various collections enjoined by the Synod.

To the General Treasurer the thanks of the Synod are very specially due for the manner in which he conducts the whole business of the Church entrusted to him.

William Gillies

, Convener.