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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

The Remit of the Synod to Presbyteries Anent the Employment of Probationers, Students, and Others, in the Work of Evangelisation

The Remit of the Synod to Presbyteries Anent the Employment of Probationers, Students, and Others, in the Work of Evangelisation.

I. That the Synod approve of the principle of employing Probationers and Lay Missionaries in the work of evangelisation, when and where they may be needed.

II. That such Agents may be Probationers, Divinity or undergraduate Students, or other members of the Church possessing suitable qualifications for the work.

III. That no such Agent be employed until he has first been examined by one or other of the Presbyteries of the Church as to his personal piety, his acquaintance with the Word of God, and otherwise his aptitude for such work; and also until he has received from such Presbytery a certificate of qualification and fitness for the work.

IV. That those who shall have been thus found qualified shall be called and known by the name of "Home Missionaries."

V. That the Synod authorise the formation of an association to be called the Home Mission Association of the Synod of Otago and Southland, having for its objects the employment of Missionaries, and the raising and dstribution of funds to aid in their support while labouring in those districts within the bounds of the Synod whose population are destitute of the means of grace, and are from their situation and means unable to support a settled ministry.

VI. That the Home Mission Association shall at the solicitation of the Presbytery have power to appoint a Missionary to any sphere of labour, or remove him therefrom as they shall see cause.

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VII. That any such Missionary, when thus appointed, shall during the currency of his appointment be under the direction and control of the Presbytery within whose boundary his sphere of labour is situated, and shall be associated with and act under the super intendence and advice of any Minister duly appointed by his Presbytery to take the oversight of the district constituting his sphere of labour.

VIII. That the duration of the appointment of any such Missionary shall in no case exceed six months; but at the end of six months he may be reappointed, if the Homo Mission Association see fit.

IX. That the Synod request the Ministers of the several Presbyteries to use all diligence in endeavouring to find agents suitable and willing to be employed in Missionary work, and to forward their names and addresses to the Secretary of the Home Mission Association.

X. That the Synod enjoin the Presbyteries of the Church to make forthwith a careful survey of the districts within their bounds where such Agents might be advantageously employed; to ascertain the probable amount of means which might be raised within the several districts in aid of the support of the Missionaries; to report the same to the Secretary of the Home Mission Association, and take any other measures they deem advisable in order to have those districts supplied with the means of grace as speedily as possible.