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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 20

Babylon the Great — Is Fallen, Is Fallen

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Babylon the Great

Is Fallen, Is Fallen.

"And the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice, if any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. (Rev. xiv. 9, 10, 11.) The war, contained in Chap, xi to 7th verse.

Above earth's summits; over frozen peaks
Neath pristine rocks, great God, a language speaks,
Of Thee and thine; then must there in a man
Dwells life, be utterance, to speak of plan
Accorded to his state, now rises up, to shine
In cleared heavens, the birthright of Divine.
Light to this life! The u Holy Spirit! one
Enlightener! irradiate paths begun
By a Redeemer—beautify, till way
All clear, is gloried with the God of day.
Once was a sacred Eden, wherein sprang
Each fruit for food, and beauteous Angels sang
Of bliss and joy to occupants, while they
Creator's precepts willingly obey.
They disobeyed, and died; they slighted Him
Made Cherubim and mighty Seraphim
And listened to a creature, whence, came laws,
Destroy'd created, and Creator's cause,
And sent o'er earth with detonating knell
A cloud of death, on gloried nature fell,
Till for the fallen, and God's image sake—
Almighty's son, the well belov'd, thus spake:
These pardon, Father, and on me let lie
Deserved death the disobedient die.
My Son, exclaimed High God, thy will is mine
Redeem them, and the laud thereof be thine!
Mount Calvary beheld uniting scene,
Beheld forgiveness—intercourse between
High God and man, by this new testament
page 4 Of God's acceptance, whollily is sent
Direct from God to soul receives again
Inheritance awakens fallen men,
Yea, all who will, to bask amid the ray
Of Holy Ghost, breathes life for perfect day.
Thus well; but pardon'd, 'gainst this, even rise,
And spiritual life, from second birth despise,
By ordering, all would declare such life,
Down unto death, down to the shades of strife,
To centralizers—priests and soldiers feed
Again the dragon, would man's spirit lead
By creeds and laws, back unto death's desire
Where filths of flesh and nighted souls retire
"To open shaming rites" long past; but God
Was not again to be so us'd, for rod
Of chastisement, he, as he said, applies
On enemies, and to Archangel, cries—
Go Michael and these vile with Satan throw
To where the wicked writhe in flames below,
Now when predictions culminate, at time
Of doom of cities, rioted on crime
Debas'd even "Mystery Babylon"
And will debase, until her all upgone,
Dies curs'd of God and peace,—dies she,
Lay in men's blood the feed of majesty.
What crimes are hers! Could tigress not embrace
Even feigned kindness for the human race?
So that she might, less unsuspected, fold
School, child, and man, within death dealing hold
And therein teach her fondl'd sucks to learn,
What, mysteryship o'er subjects might discern!
But Christians, now is another voice
Come to redeem'd, saying, Saints arise, rejoice,
Word interferers, are to punishment
With land mark lifters, and all liars sent.
What are you would-be senators? Can He
Who sweeps far ages of eternity
With eyes of light, not see you as you are?
Can mortal man the Light of light debar?
Yea, can a man insult the God of heaven
With adverse homage—strength to centres given?
Come ye before the Lord, yet unto idols bow,
And ail their nests with gifts of God endow?
Yea, verily! Do men to cesspools go
For drink where streams of clearest waters flow?
Must centralists take Word and school at will
They may themselves with meat of parents fill,
And say to children—"Take we to give you
To cloak our way. Down unconceal'd ne'er knew
page 5 Almighty's ruling—Word or School or aught
Belongs thereto, or aught therein is taught,
For God o'er all, thus speaks! Who masters fold—
God's holy Word, makes known to young and old
The will of Him confers the glorious name
Of liberty, even where, all will, may claim
Divine inheritance from centre peace—
God's spirit, alone can bondag'd men release,
As you have oft been told, gets from Words Lord
Deserved death, of fire, disease, and sword.
Come schools to plunder'd parents from tax'd cry
Of indigence awakens wrath on high?
Come children's good from offices, that drew
Their maintenance from central'd plunderings knew
Compulsion for the claim? No, then to fire
With dragon and compelling brood retire
According as prophetic words declare
You would, for they, no distant centres spare
Behold a race in latest days arise,
As prophets said, would Word of God despise;
But risen has that Word to all its right
At second birth, in kingdoms of all light;
[unclear: to youth and age, it ne er]
As Christ has said, "earth and the heavens may
Depart but not my words," who then, this good
Would daringly from child or school exclude,
Disdains his Word again, thus speaks? "Permit the low
Of age to come to me, for wherefore, know
Of such are they of heaven"; which witnesses
Condemn you all, as Lord's own words are these
Bright luminaries, even first and last
Of schooling powers, now rule as in the past,
And is attested by fair Darling stands
In light of heaven with Word of God in hands
And views the minds of men. You say—we just
Exclude Word from our schools—our proffer'd trust;
Who gave that trust? Behold Napoleon
Pope's Bible keeper into tortures gone,
And shall you keepers, from his parings, shape
Your docky robes, his till of dress escape?
No! not indeed! In centrals you believe,
Because, by their dear fleece, you can deceive
Unwary, drawn onward into power
Of drone officials armed to devour
All hind'rers of your acts; such being done
Earth and the heavens are yours refute God's son;
You cannot plead excuse for doing so
As pattern from Word to all would know
How schools are held was shown you; why then,
page 6 You beast and image serve, and Word condemn.
None have authority but parents, or
Appointed children's guardians, to lore
Mind of a child, as unto God, alone
Are they responsible for book and tone
Imparted to their charge. A pretty charge
You cry aloud! how can the poor enlarge
Their children's faculties? Can they whose reach
Is only to a Bible, mathematics teach?
Or can they, having neither work, nor will
To work aright, their guardian dues fulfil?
Go! help the needy, houseless, wandering one
Whose feed is grief, that fain to death would run!
Go! help the feeble, cannot well compete
With stronger ones, nor think your work complete,
Until their children, have their God-given share
Of lands, earth seizers but for selves declare!
Then, not till then, take hunger'd men, before
Condemning courts for children's want of lore.
To you, will joyously meet Judge, go take
The scholars' fathers, of each school, and make
Committees of them, these shall keep in care
What should be taught therein. Build and repair
By voluntary gifts, and thereby, pay
The teacher for the fees deficiency;
And likewise through the votes of fathers, hold
His yearly settlement. Thus, schools unfold,
Unspector'd germs—arising laborers, who
Respect their parents chosen, will pursue
The ways of rectitude, untrammel'd, all
By sycophants for hire, would schools enthral,
By spurning youthful fold—theocracy
Given unto Israel to agree
With permanence, now rises, to amend
Conflicting atoms—ruling cities send
Against God's Word, those laws, now take their stance
Mid flame, of Babylon's inheritance,
When signed sun and moon, bloodstained, o'er earth,
Disclosed of judgments—sword, disease and dearth;
And Godwords, openly, o'er hearts subdued
By open judgments, gave a mind renew'd
To shine like higher works—concomitants
Of words design; whatever therefore wants
This governing, the veriest dull might know
Pursues a path, where dark eccentrics go,
Now when "The Time and Times and half" fulfill'd
Gave unto beast what blind Appolyon will'd
For master Pio Nono, from that cup,
Deterring cities, now, in wrath drink up,
page 7 As "The abhorred makes earth desolate"
By Papish poster, on Rome's walls of late
In eighteenth July, eighteen-seventy,
Proclaimed Nono, God, a majesty
"Infallible." To finish, "Times," relate
To regal powers, trust in an earthly state,
Had in "The end," arisen to scatter power
Of witnesses—God's Scriptures, in that hour
Of darkness covers earth, when mockery
Even unto Words deponents was to be,
As holy Word declares! But they ascend
Soon afterwards to power, for saints descend
To judge the quick and dead, when they who fac'd
Contempt and plunder wake, they who embrac'd
The scoff of powers, arise, to see in heaven
That promis'd signal, for long suffering given—
Blood colour'd moon, the sign, when plund'rers go
With Satan, down, where burning angers glow,
Amid the "name" and "mark" of Beast now takes
Predicted woes, as Word contemn'd, awakes.
Fullfilling were these woes, for posting on
Rome's doomed walls, enslaving polygon—
"Infallibility," lays waste each land
In last of Times-the twice six hundred, and
The ninety literal days, gives burning, so
Destructive all, that was it on to glow
Aught longer, earth of men and life bereft
Would follow priest, now 'mid his darkness left;
But for saints' sake, it quenched is, as
told By Word thus speaks; who waiteth to behold
"The thirteen hundred, five and thirty days
Is bless'd." Thus far, God's holy Word, outlays
The end of present governments—the end of all
Death dealing powers, the heirs of light enthral,
By binding down God's Word. Now, see is time
For Words to rise; loud mouth'd official crime
Has reach'd its greatest, utmost given bound,
And reeling earth, reechoing the sound
Of "angered peoples," under taxing swoon'd,
Reeling to arm administers the wound—
They, who by sword of cruel tyrants fell
Now call for peace, and under safety dwell.
They call and saved are; then answer this
Ye powers of earth—men idiots, was bliss
For you who cried, where is the promise of
Christ's into world coming? List!! that scoff
Proclaim'd of old, would ultimately tell
Of his arrival, now, is heard to swell
The jubilees of earth, 'mid rain and hail
page 8 Was over central dealers to prevail,
As hear: "Then said he unto me, this is
"The curse—a flying roll goes over face
"Of whole of earth, for every one who steals
"Shall be cut off, as this one side reveals,
"And every one who falsely swears shall be
"Cut off, as on that side accordingly.
"I bring it forth, saith Lord of Hosts, and it
"Shall enter into house of thief, and sit
"In house of him who falsely swears by name
"Of mine, and in it shall it stay, till same
"Shall be consum'd with timber thereof, and
"The Stones. Now see those on the other hand
"These are the things that ye shall do, speak ye
The conquering truth to neighbour, and decree
" Just judgment peace and truth your gates within
" And harbour not of any evil, in
" Your hearts 'gainst neighbours, nor create false oath
" For all these things, saith Lord of Hosts, I loathe"
These are chief faults now cumber men of sin
Bring in on world chastisements, begin
The ways for symboll'd Bride celestial
'Fore whom, all powers of wickedness, down fall.
How decks Lamb's wife? She wears not covering—lies
Wherewith she may destroying gins devise,
She is God's Government, that ray of light
In which the sav'd, and holy all, delight.
Come to her, sav'd, come to the light of day
For all else rise up, only to betray
Heaven's government by spirit; will ye lie
In central ruling cities, formed all, to die?
Come to elected straightway—to the Bride
By arbitration rules the world wide
As you were told; your courts of law declar'd
By changing minds, and for a time prepar'd
Are Contra Representatives of one,
God's Grace to men, and fallen nature won,
By sending spirit, that alone can guide
Humanity to symbol of Lamb's Bride—
The bright and beauteous, glorified stands
On Throne of Light, and all of Lord commands;
Here, list her language, speaks in accents clear,
Immensity's fair ways, lie still to hear.
"Corinthians—ye are manifestly, thus
"Christ's Word, as it is ministered by us
"Not with the ink, but spirit of our Lord—
"Not on stone tables, but in hearts abode,
"And such a trust have we by Jesus Lord
"To God, not as sufficient to afford
page 9 "Aught of ourselves to think of Word, for our
"Sufficiency is God, who by his power
"Ordained us able servants, not as wills
"Of letter, but of spirit, for the letter kills
"But spirit giveth life; and was throughout
"The ministering of death, penn'd and cut out
"In stones so glorious, that they of old—
"God's Israel, could not stedfastly behold
"The face of Moses, for the glory of
"His countenance; which glorified thereof
"Was to be done away; how shall to us
"That of the spirit be more glorious;
"For was the first—of guilt all glorious made,
"Much more was last, in righteousness was laid,
"For even, that was glorious made, had nought
"Of glory of itself, for it was wrought
"By glory that excels; and was that done
"Away, even glorious, much more, then that won
"By excellence was glorious; thus we
"Heirs of this glory, use simplicity
"Of language to you, not as Moses did
"When so by veil his countenance he hid
"That Israels children could not look to end
"Of that which is abolished; for attend
"Their minds were blinded, and remains to-day
"The self same veil, unmov'd away
"In reading of Old Testament; which shade
"Is done away in Christ, but yet remade
"On Israel's heart, by Moses' Testament
"To present day; but when the heart is sent
"Direct to God, the veil is put aside
"By him, then wherefore, wherein shall abide
"Spirit of this Lord, even there is liberty,
"For there we looking, as in mirror, see
"The glory of the Lord, and thus, are chang'd
"To similar form—reflecting glory rang'd
"On form of man, by spirit of the Lord"
Such are the festal accents shall afford
An entrance into glory—into Zion clear,—
God's holy residence, must now appear
By Parish ruling welcomes Christ, descends
A King o'er all—a Lord on whom attends
Regenerating life—that spirit shall
Redeemed men in pristine rank instal,
To make Christ's likeness follow them about—
Christ's statutes stamp'd on all their deeds throughout.
Aye! that in heaven! "names" and "marks" outcry
But where is heaven? It is where Christ is nigh;
Yet, still you say, is it not after death?
page 10 Thus holy language of the scripture saith,
"We shall not all die, but we shall be chang'd
"In twinkling of an eye," is there arrang'd
By God of Truth, as clear, and all as bright,
As other doctrines, lead to God of light.
This question, then, do ministerials now
To these plain statutes of His Scriptures bow?
For Scriptures judge, as prov'd already, by
Convulsive times, opposing madmen try?
No! simple speech, and simple forms give way
For laws of men and Churches of to-day!—
The stubble, hay and wood, men's treasur'd holds
Contain their all—their shepherds, and sheepfolds
And Holy Spirit, gift for sacrifice
Awayed that creeds and centrals laws might rise
Superior to great and glorious one
Had arbitration, for his followers, won.
What!! know ye not! Is he a ruler, where
Another's governments, strange laws declare?
Is God a Lord, is he the ruler of
Creation, and his laws not guides thereof?
Is the Almighty reach'd by human power,
Errs at its best, and lasts but for an hour?
No! God is the Eternal, and his Word—
Eternity, must be in judgment heard;
"Are none amongst you, fit to judge a cause
"That to the heathen—outcasts of God's laws,
"You go"—speaks Paul a teacher in that Lord,
Ordain'd him, pattern of the Spirit's sword;
Which sword, all take and with it fight
Your ways to Zion—unto City Light,
Where arbitration by just Judges keep
Security to all, for arbitrators seek
The truth of cause not personal renown
Comes from Insignia of devouring town
By License to debate, which, is not road
Conveys to Zion—Bridegrooms bright abode.
Again! Paul tells you "not to oversee
"God's flock," you answer, yes, that is, to be
No overseer o'er churches; but all men
Who would of immortality, say, when
Will ye arise, up to your proper place
Where given is, by heirship, to deface
The works of sin? The oversight is o'er
The commonwealth alike; we must adore
God's universal rule, for where is claim
To property, or unto life, or name,
It is to the Creator, as are those
Due services in Church!! Yes! nations rose
page 11 And fell accordingly, as all may trace
In varied histories of the human race;
This too you would not hear, tho' on you urg'd,
You then go down, as stained world is purg'd.
Who made me judge or ruler over you
Said Christ our Lord, and all he said was true
For he was not, till "It is done" to take
Judicial dignity, that clone, for sake
Of it, Christ would from Father God obtain
Dominion over all, where saints attain
Regeneration! come then "sav'd" let us
Depart from Death, to life made glorious,
For who obstructs Paul's courts of judging, must
Now even to death and all its judgments trust.
How beautiful is world, how great is man
Adorn'd and liven'd with Almighty's plan,
Yields those delights "that eyesight hath not seen,
"Nor ear has heard, nor ever hath it been
"Reveal'd to mind!!" Come Lamb, come Lord, for those
Their confidence on these bright joys repose.
Men, let us reason, what is there in this
Our earthly house, is equal to the bliss
Of God's bright home, where born again enjoy
Unbounded pleasures, no one can destroy?
Is man not creature, can to Maker go
And from his Scriptures intimately know
The journeying to bliss, even where
Outgiving posts these requisites declare:
"Dare any of you, with your disputes go
"To law fore unjust, and not them shew
"Before the saints?"—The well reported they
God's servants true, his statutes' laws obey.
Here, with preceded, is that evidence
Condemns the present, wicked laws pretence—
That social wonder, all may see and hear.
"In last of times, fierce mockers will appear
"Who walking after each ungodly lust
"Of sensualities, will not entrust
"Their acts to Holy Spirit; but may ye
"Who building up yourselves on faith, agree
"With Holy Spirit"—Here heard are they—
The witnesses God's government pourtray.
Awake then all, and glorify the power
Determines judgment in this trying hour,
When on false courts, those mockeries of God
By all deceit, is now applied a rod
Kills all adulterers, and false servants gave
God's ministries to murderers and grave.
But come of sav'd, let arbitrators, in
page 12 Your Parish Districts, other scenes begin.
Deliberate not, what shall such districts do
When interwoven subjects come to view?
Begin God's Kingdom, and ye shall increase
In knowledge on, until requirements cease;
Begin at once, all peoples, give son's right
To God's inheritance begins delight
In kingdom true; let disputants—each side
Select two arbiters, and let abide
By their decision, final settlement
Of cause, and its belongings, not as sent
By tongue—talk—craft of sliddery speech machines,
But by a God of wisdom intervenes;
Yet, should the arbitrators not agree
A third, well known for name of equity
Declares the right. And when communities
Each with another need of joint decrees,
Let one or more of Deputies, from each
In place convenient, common business reach
By a majority; are equal, sides?
Then the decision by prayer'd lot abides;
Such will allay requirements of the good,
While vile retire, to where God's martyr'd stood.
Search history, and cry to cities vast
Adulterated peoples of the past,
Where now your glories? cry again and say,
Where yours, ye cities of the present day?
"Not"—says the Lord—"by might or power, but by
"My spirit" shall humanity descry
The way leads unto life, where city, one
Uniting peoples, rises now mid sun
Of righteousness, shall all redeem'd restore
To light of life, and glory evermore;
Whom can this injure? none; not even you
Devouring Cities, your smooth'd taxes drew
From labouring poor, as by tax you became
A power attractive to devouring flame.
But, say you, willing are we to obtain
This scriptural government which you maintain
Is for redeem'd, still many ways commend
Your sight, we cannot, fully comprehend.
This is the answer! Scripture says, the vile
Would not perceive, for earth's base dross defile
Their consciences! Given was from Word a test
You saw fulfill'd on priests and powers express'd
Not truths of God; what more would you desire?
Remaining vial of devouring fire!
Then, tell your grasping power, death's race is o'er
page 13 And plunder'd orphans dread his thefts no more.
What would you have? Word's test you disobey'd
For words of man, by creeds and laws display'd
Another's government; God told you to be just,
Why then, just laws to centering powers entrust,
Whose actions are unjust, for were they true
They would Almighty's given course pursue
Along his ways? Man's rights they would not sell,
But would to all, of every parish, tell,
You have acquir'd your rights, yet will ye choose
Detracting arbiters—those will abuse
Their privileges, alone you are to blame,
Not self reliance, by the Spirit came
Along God's Scriptures, now arisen, will
Dissentients, and their attendants, kill.
Now every base, and cunning autocrat
Has long on men, and hidden glory sat,
Disdain Word government, and you are put
In winepress, all, and trampl'd under foot
Until you are consum'd, for now is time
When Angel goes to finish all of crime,
And Gog and Magog—Beasts last headships go
On Israel's hills to meet their overthrow,
As slighted Word gives to o'ergrown Beast
And all of his—a last great sumptuous feast
Prepar'd of God—men madden'd; horses blind,
As seen in sign, and symbol interlin'd.
Him now behold, Him fill'd with blood and flesh
Of Son of Glory, crucified afresh.
Here is he—"I beheld another Beast
"Rise out of earth"—Establish'd Church increas'd
To parish priest and magistrate; Beast sea—
Ecclesiastic riding "restlessly,"
Takes to a husband—centre with a grace—
A whole doing power, speaks from establish'd place;
"And like unto a Lamb, two horns he had"—
Twin harmless chicks, man-church and man-law clad
Like innocence; "And as a Dragon spake"—
He bellows out, he Christians may shake;
"And exercises he, the sea beast's power"—
He claims from creeds a freedom to devour;
"And causeth earth, and them who dwell therein,
"To worship Beast the first, of wound made clean"—
Established, he makes official horns
To help sea Beast, had fall'n 'mong Gospel thorns;
"And wonders does he, making fire—life birth"
Descend from heaven, in sight of men, on earth"—
Before his hearers, elevates the bread,
Or chauce, a wafer, and down comes instead
page 14 Flesh of a God; next, elevates he, wine,
And down it comes, made into blood divine;
Then eat and drink they, these, of Godhead, and,
The priest and bread and wine, new birth command.
Miraculous! Now Dervishes, can you
By wheel or flinging similar wonders do?
"And thus, deceiving them of earth, again
"By miracles to last of beasts pertain,
"In sight of First, he turns, and bids all make
"Obeisance to the wounded, poisonous snake"—
By mocking Saviour, this false horn'd beast,—
This civocleric—law'd and creeded priest
Deceives the carnal minded ritual,
And leads his peoples, into Popish thrall;
"And he had power, to liven form of First
"That First should speak, and cause those to be curs'd,
"Would not it worship"—Thus, again
Renew'd is spirit controller, to remain
Like Beast of Sea, a renegade to slay
All would not licensed earthly powers obey;
"And marks he all, both small, and rich, and grand,
"Poor, free, and bond, in forehead, or right hand"—
In hands of magistrates, he puts his staves
In heads of clergy, creeds of fools and knaves,
Dominion, then is theirs—eternal power
Is measured out, by moths of passing hour;
"And that no man, might buy, or sell, but same
"Had name, or mark, or number of Beast's name"—
Now given are earth's favors, from that birth
Apportions out by Beast of sea, or earth,
Not as Eternal wills, but as will those
Deterring powers, God's rights for hire expose—
Life—spirit is hid—earth's highest, holiest name
Is held by stablished, for some Moorfield claim;
"And here is wisdom! Who is? let him count
"The number of the Beast, for the amount
"Is of a man, which summ'd up, will affix
"Design—six hundred, and threescore and six"—
Research far back, to early ages, where
One rose to rule, alone that nations care,
And there arisen, on last Beast's employ,
Is name Lateinos would all earth destroy.
Lateinos—Brute—per contra of Lamb's bride—
Great Civocleric sweeping far and wide
As tempest driven flame mid dried bands
On dales and mountains, over all that stands
Or lies in way, sweeps, till its rising, twirls
The feather'd pines, send out involving swirls
Eucloud all nature—darken earth and sun
page 15 With smoke and death, a sparklit had begun;
Dim, drear and dismal is unfooded rage
Of dying flames o'er wastes; nought may assuage
The grief of sufferers! Is in bounds but stream
Meandering, there may its glistening gleam
Give hope of growth again; is not, dull kine
And abject owners, must in vain repine;
So where the stream of life—God's sprit, is
Amid abounding wickedness, then his
Enlivening ray gives promise, that around
Enleavening may yet o'er all abound;
But what has Brute? No livening stream was there
To which the weak, and thirsty might repair,
To drink and live; it, cleric'd! could no more
Produce for men, than hate and lust, before,
Had all of tax'd and alienated, led
Against bar'd gates and walls; when clergy bled
For killing people's rights—when disappear'd
The first cruel Beast, was up a second rear'd
To follow in first wake? No, up grew last
Despis'd first's judgments, wherefore, both are cast
Now, into flames, at hour when die all powers
Of centralism, on battlemented towers.
But, in my spirit says God, is trust, is all
Of safety, guards the lives of great and small;
Print this on banners, lay your swords aside
For God's breath breathes, sole power rules world wide.
Regenerated! be exceeding glad
For dead now rise, in Saviour's garments glad
And join your joy, as likewise unto them
Was given to rise, and ultimately gem
God's universe that now, for ever on
Endures, while liars are to ruins gone.
Come then and glorify, yes, praise ye God
For on false teachers, Word, now lays a rod.
Where wicked are no more, come ye away
To homes of light and, joys of promis'd day
Isaiah sings—now day, when men arise
With body of their Lord, which all are wise
Inherit from him, when they here, renew
Their hearts by Spirit, teaches them to do
Obedience to God's laws, which let us trace
From out His words, away from wicked brace—
The beasts of sea and earth, had risen to kill
Destroy and tax, and all the world fill
With animosities, by state reared men,
Degrade all, each, would either Beasts condemn.
Hear! "Not by might or power," saith the Lord,
"But by my Spirit" with his judging sword,
page 16 The Word of God, shall men with sin oppress'd,
Enjoy the Zion of the blessed in rest.
Such is the declaration, such the reign
Of righteousness, shall holiness regain
For wearied mortals here—such is the self
Reliant policy unlaid on shelf
For moths to gnaw—God gives his breath, to breathe
Of Him and His, and gives it to bequeath
Discrimination judges with all right
To God and man, and therefore such is light
Alone, and likewise evidencing link
Joined unto link, binds all, to act, to think,
In righteousness with one another, till
Redeemer's glories, rising glorious, fill
Predicted futute state, where are the ways
Of health, and peace, and joys of latter days?
But we have tried this self-reliant scheme
You say is reign of right—we read your theme
You say is glory, and we find it wild,
Chimerical, and has its dupes beguil'd!!
Where has it been experimented on?
True you have officed it, and put in drone
To oversee and manage it, and told
Subjected animals to toil and hold
Themselves as slaves at counterfeit's desire;
There you are wrong you cry, for central's hire
Officials' subs, to work! True! and as true
By such is Beast upheld! but what to do
With offices has self-reliance, is
Of Holy Ghost, and altogether His,
Ignores you both; his ways have that repose
Ordain'd by God, give homes, not those of crows
On tall tree tops, the soughing tempests sling
O'er ripen'd earth at Autumn harvesting.
Aha, you cry, where the compelling power
Directs this self reliance? God in his hour
Mark'd out to Prophet, makes His Word that hold
Of power shall now, o'er every land unfold
Controlling force, it, is the Spirit's sword
Upholds, and shews supremacy of Lord;
And when is hour? That hour of prophecy
Gives punishment to vile, was timeously
Begun, at end, as prophet Daniel said,
Of five and forty days, from Poster laid
On walls of Roman streets, proclaiming man
Infallible; then was it, Word began
Its reign and power; thence was it to o'erflow
Created all, till God earth powers o'erthrow.
But list, this Word, was at the end of Time
page 17 Ordain'd to judge, would all of serpent slime
Attempt to stain, yea make it, as is now
Fit mark for sports, will nought of God allow
Within their courts—three years and half would they,
God's witnesses and Holy Writings slay,
But after their allotment is expir'd,
They with their all, down into flames retir'd,
And Witnesses arose, by Spirit feeds—
The Combatants arise, and Michael leads
Almighty's armies; come then remnant where
God's Spirit is, and going let us wear
Redeemer's garments, yes, lest we be cast
Mid flaming fires, where gnawing tortures last.
Come unto City where reborn are,
Spirit is its life, and Jesus is its star
For ever shines, to give to life and light
Eternal glories yielding fresh delight.
How bright this City, has its streets of gold,
And walls of precious stones and pearls, unfold
The stream of life, with banks of heavenly trees
Yield healing leaves, to strengthen, and appease
Imagination, lingers fresh to those
The dead in Christ, with witnessing arose,
To shine in glory yet unseen to eye
Of mortal, cannot spiritual forms descry.
The Scriptures, are God's way, for they are pure;
The walls, his doctrines, ever shall endure;
And stream of Life, his Holy Spirit, gives
Divinity, whereby the creature lives
Secure, and happy, evermore all free
In glorious likeness of Christ's dignity.
This world of vapour form'd shall yet arise
A form of glory volving in the skies
And shall a man, with spirit of a God,
Resign his birthright, lay beneath a sod
Almighty's likeness, should he not, divine
With living, great, eternal power, entwine
His destinies; say, cannot he away
Above death powers, and reach long promis'd day
'Yond plundering laws and agonising stain
Awaking eyelid wakens up to pain?
God made his creature upright! Man in fault
Ought with Creator to commence assault
Against tormentor—leave no serpent's trail
Till Parish Rulers, over all prevail,
For which attaining, let reborn turn
To light Director, while rejectors burn;
God's Word the Judge is this Director, it
page 18 Condemner, or acquitter must then sit
Lord over all!! grapes grow not out of thorns
Nor figs from thistles, so, not spirit adorns
Unscriptural governing; and we are told
Not every one, exclaims Lord, Lord, shall hold
An entrance into heaven, but the workers, who
Do will of God; then let us here review
What that will is; we have already read
Of Beasts of Sea and Earth, and by the spirit led,
Have them unsymboll'd, to be men would kill
Destroy and tax, and all the world fill
With animosities, till Holy Spirit raise
A standard up, to God Almighty's praise,
Which standard is his Word shown forth by this
Directing spirit animates men's bliss
By analysing headships of the Beast
Pope and Napoleon, had, as stated, ceas'd
At time of end, when earth's great powers,
would Be given, to hunger'd, outcast men, for food,
And laughter, even as already you
Beheld their kingdoms, figuring in view
Of Revelation; see them, and rejoice
O'er their defeat by God Almighty's voice
Of Holy Scriptures, give the warring day
Ordained of old, to sweep all vile away.
Here are they! croakers! please! come out, God? Word
Administers now all, then come! be heard!
They come, all sanctified like!—they seem
Prepared to the purposes of scheme
Of personal appearances, appropriated for
Educing righteousness; for they do abhor
Appearingly all malice, for they stare
Accused in the face, and thus, prepare
Judge and the audiences to lend their ears
To evidence, no scrutinising fears.
Now hear this question? Can an audience know
Or can a Judge condemn by evidences, flow
From witnesses, their accusations find
In cursed heart, manuœvres but to blind?
O, but we make them speak the truth! How, say?
By kissing Bible; and this you call the way
Of finding truth! why ignorants, nine tenths
Unquestionably will go to any lengths
For one day's pay, or what is worse even still
To evidence, for predjudicing will!
What care these dead for Bible! Oh! you cry
Jehovah ordered, thus, we should espy
The whole of truth; By mouth of two or three
page 19 Of witnesses Israel shall decree!
Yes, even as long as Israel obey'd
God's covenants, but when from these they stray'd,
That course of witnessing avail'd them nought,
As disobedience, all divergence wrought
From truth bearing evidence. Yet were not they
Believ'd in Christ, commanded to obey
Impeachment of such witnesses? Dear men
Are ye of Christians? why leave ye then
Christ's law of judgment beareth evidence,
Yea, leadeth onwards, soul, and mind, and sense
To every truth? Great was the ransom, brought
This spiritual guide directeth every thought,
And rein of each, and all of us, to do,
And speak, and think of every word is true;
Such is regeneration, such, is said
In Word of God of rising from the dead.
When Israel kept God's law, two then appear'd
Of witnesses by law, for then they fear'd
True power, but when, they turned to Gods of dust
Encouraged lawlessness, they fell to lust
Succeeded righteousness, and law became
Abode of alien traffic. Out! earth's shame;
Out! ignorant and wicked, who let one
Or two unscrupulous individuals, run
Accused down, to hate, or death, even for
A scheme of hell, all justice must abhor.
Such are of minor courts you say! then take
Your courts supreme! these can you ever make
Deponents of the right? How can they fit
A court of justice, where reborn sit
O'er arbitration in each parish? Nought
Of right is there, when all from gold is wrought!
There, man of riches, summonses the poor
Ignoble moneyless but, to secure
The cause to wealth, as there the want of gold
Prevents the poor even judgment seat to hold,
They lacking fifty guineas, cannot there
Their cause, their plea, before that court declare,
And therefore, they and their's divided, lie
By monied plaintiff, claimants of that cry
Ascends to God of Right, and adds a foe
Against that land, can cause for gold o'erthrow.
Shame! Word professing ones, what heathdom
Acts baser part, than self-styled Christendom?
But, briars hear! on Word no more impose
For now, it scorns, and tramples on its foes
And gives just retribution, at the time
Administers due measurement for crime,
page 20 Now, as declared, when Antichrists retire
'Mid wars, and troubles, to unquenching fire,
When ruling "Manchild" looketh over all
Of Centralists, on unjust rulings call
As you were all inform'd, would be, yet you
Rejected Word, and to your pleasures flew
As the Omniscient saw, you would, when done
Was despite given to statutes of his Son
By that fiend power, all hitherto has killed,
Or Jesuited, even, as Appolyon willed
When sat he on his throne. And who are they
Coadjutors Appolyon's will obey?
They are of churches, all of mankind draw
Within their clutches by the power of law;
What is the Church? Is it of wood and stone?
Then word flies man, and is to matter gone;
Or is it minister? then is he made
A master o'er his hearers! But Christ said
Be not ye called masters, one is given
For all of world, and he is Lord of Heaven;
What then is Church? The congregated—they
God's Holy Word, by quickening Spirit obey.
Contemners come; do you imagine Paul
Spake heedlessly? Would he could overhaul
The Antichrists and all false shepherds, make
God's inspirations, any way, for sake
Of wood and stone, or minister, or would
Apostle Peter, in amusement stood
When ordered up, to eat of creeping beast
Of nauseous sorts to him, have had the feast
Presented him, unless it was to shew
Unquestionably, to all would learning know
That even Apostles were not judges! Then
Who made you such, ye satellites, even when
Word—Christ is Judge alone, and bringeth down
Whoever are, by his eternal crown.
Wait till "Well done" is said, when to the poor
And meek of heart, God will judge claims ensure.
Yet meanwhile, unto all, again be known,
How at this Time. God notably has shewn
By power of Word, one man could see
The following work of prophecy—
"Work out your own salvation;" for tho' his
"When foe comes in as flood" to act, it is
Almighty's will to bid redeemed, each
Dividually, his gates of meecy reach—
Each go on singly, else ye lean on reed
Bends and breaks down in every hour of need.
Responsible is each, then seek and find
page 21 Knock, and is open'd light to darkn'd mind,
Each singly on, to those fair dwellings, are
Deck'd out with precious stones, each stone as star
Adorning space, illumined, to reveal
Those seals of Time, came Jesus to unseal
In holy Scriptures to a universe
Of glorious life, a life, no foes reverse—
Immortal union brought from Word to view
Shall parted soul and body join anew—
The Union Scriptures shew by Spirit, one
Baptises all have homes of Jesus won.
Beloved, see additional jointures, make
Mortality immortal thro' Christ's sake.
"For thro' the Christ, we Jews and Gentiles reach
"The Father by one Spirit," and Words teach
"I afterwards my Spirit will pour out
"Upon all flesh, and prophecy throughout
"Shall sons and daughters," and that such was said
Of all, Paul proves; "By revelation made,
"Christ mystery shew'd me, as I wrote before
"That when ye read it, ye may there explore
"My knowledge of his hidden works, which in
"Past ages was not seen, as now within
"His Prophets and Apostles, even by
"The Spirit, that the Gentiles should thereby
"Be fellowheirs, and of same body, and
"Partakers of his promise, by that band—
"Christ in the Gospel" as is here revis'd;
"For by one Spirit are we all baptis'd—
"All into body one, both Jews and Gentiles all
"Both bond and tree, and made to drink withall
"Of Spirit one." Here, as is seen throughout
Almighty's Word, Episcopy, nor lout
Of Alien power can in God's Kingdom stand
With statutes fram'd by right of creed or wand,
But as are union'd all by Spirit, so
Must Word his sword uniting precepts shew
For great designing—"Perfecting of saints
"And working of the servants,—for constraints
"Of body of the Christ, until all run
"In unity of faith, and knowledge one
"Of son of God, to perfect man—the form
"And height of Christ." Come then, come all, conform
To Christ, be not of those have adverse stood
To his commands, and said, wherein is good
Of Christianity? Take Jesus' way
Then lay your charge, then only can dispraise
Attend the non-accomplishing of plan,
Redeemer God laid out in Word to man;
page 22 This you do not, but fraudulently seem
Determin'd to "surround" Words pleading theme
You may ignore God's servant, and may lay
Almighty's Kingdom on this earth away
To enemies of God; whatever good
From God of long endurance still has stood
Administering around, its good you turn
In hour of that long suffering to spurn
That sufferers cause—Episcopacy and
Centralisation rnin'd souls command;
But even these, declare not all your aim
For God you chew 'mong elements that claim
The intromission of God's flesh by man,
Creator formed for the subjected plan
In his dominions! Cry thus, who is first
To leave a madness, renders all accursed?
Come ye young children, let of breath divine
Mature you all, yea, let within you shine
Almighty God, then truly will ye be
By flesh of Life, heirs of eternity.
Let worshippers of Death, let slaves in those
Degrading powers, on priests their souls repose,
But go ye unto God, Zion's travellers all—
And ye will where, no liars can enthrall,
"For not by strength or might, but only through
"My breath saith God, shall fallen man renew
"Their lives afresh." Then come as told, who will,
Come eat of Spirit, take of waters, fill
Your thirsting souls as spoken by a God
Dissembles not; approach ye while is trod
The winepress of the Earth, where are indeed
All will not, on the spiritual manna feed.
Come, fellow men, why waste ye all your day
With lazy priests, go into flames away
With the Infallible!! Why have ye star'd
When Witnesses—God's tried servants dar'd
To speak in speech of Word! Ye foolish ones
Imagine situation; may God's Sons
Describe not language of primeval land
For you and all, Word's laws to understand?
As where they speak in holy, old, and new
Of covenants bv which we all renew
Earth's laws, say are they not to praise? are they
Not witnesses these lineaments pourtray?
Again the frivolous mock the anxious call
Of these prov'd witnesses for Word! How small
Despisers must appear to those would seek
Regeneration, birthright of the meek;
Because deceiv'd take not their eyes to learn
page 23 Even things of earth, must spiritual would discern
Those of the Spirit, be abus'd and told
They see therein, none else can there behold.
Come, fellow-workers, in this present strife
Ends in that glory, ushers in new life,
Come and prepare for presence of Bridegroom—
The Lord of Lords breathes over heart and tomb;
We must prepare his way, else we are not
His fellow heirs! Come, cast ye in your lot
With Zion's travellers through God's Word to heaven,
By Holy Spirit will the traveller leaven
With strength from Son of God; will ye not it
But with deceivers, elementings eat
And drink, and falsely call them Lords of that
Divinity, on heads of servants sat
To make them speak of God, ye then control
What is from God and forth goes into soul
Quite unattended with base meats of earth
Preserve material being—natural birth;
Spirit comes and changes instantaneously
Without the bread and wine; How could it be
Conveyed otherwise? By element
To body; then Christ's flesh and blood is sent
By matter, and this matter must partake
Of similar nature for the adjuncts sake;
Now all of matter let the Lord explain,
Goes in at mouth, and out is cast again;
But that of spirit, ye false servants hear,
Is life, no medium matter can come near.
"The wind blows as it wills, and you discern
"The sound thereof, but no one yet may learn
"Whence comes it, nor yet whither on it goes
"Even so to all, the Holy Spirit flows."
So, say the Scriptures of the Lord we serve
How then the contrary of that Lord observe
By fiat of a man, puts spirit in bread
And juice of grapes, and therein to be led
A captive in these traps, to earth descend
Full of God's life. Now Antichrists attend!
This life giving spirit, was, on Pentecost
Sent from first born, without a priested post,
As holy Scriptures have already prov'd;
How then have you the given way remov'd
By rites and ceremonies? Answer? Say! Refute
The way of Word, you trample under foot?
Test judicates the right! it calls a tryst
On Israel's hills, for wares of Antichrist,
Where would be masters, o'er God's heritage—
Schools, consciences, and life, and holy page,
page 24 Meet, and transact their merchandise with Word
Is Lord of trial, and over earth now heard
Proclaiming this great problem, say ye how
Could Jesus' life, heretically bow
So soon away, yea, like a priesty, lie
Amid foul rubbish, and itself deny
In time of trial, to the apostles, who
Fled with a trembling spirit, nor Jesus knew.
Was life of Christ in Peter—Stone had been
Of friable material, whose sheen
Had in one transcient night, been so defac'd
With wear of time, as had to be displac'd.
Again Word says, who will God's spirit resist
Will neither here, in uprightness exist
Nor in God's heavens, there forgiveness find;
Apostles therefore, had they got the mind
Of Holy Ghost from Eucharist, would not
At Pentecost, again have had their lot
Renew'd, as verily then were they those
Of priests and scribes, against Christ's life arose
And him devoured, as Psalmist had foretold
These would, when flock was driven from sheepfold,
And Calvary dim veil'd, rent at the sight
Of crucifixion of The Lord of Light
Hid in man nature, to obtain from sire
His covenanted, agonised hire—
Reunion of God's spirit with his brother man
According as the covenanting ran—
Release of men in flesh, and spirits bound
In prison, as ran, the soaring far spread sound.
Since spirit then came, but alter Jesus had
Gone to the God of life, how comes life clad
With Eucharist, since crucifixion, was
The only price, could purchase saving clause
Fulfill'd agreement twixt the Sire and Son
As all may see, and all may read who run.
Wait at Jerusalem, until ye be
Endow'd with spirit, spake Eternity
By voice of Son, to the Disciples, who
Altho' they ate of Eucharist, yet knew
Not promised substance of their Lord, till day,
They ate his flesh, from tongues of flames, convey
Divinity to soul, when mind and hand
Affiliate—Great God to understand,
And strike up for Him, with undaunted zeal,
As they did, when those tongues new lives unseal
The Lamb had died to give. Ne'er was impos'd
A greater falsehood, than that lie repos'd
On Holy Ghost, found in the bread and wine
page 25 Of Eucharist, where elements combine
To hold the God of Life, as Jesus' flesh
And blood, was Spirit sent from God all fresh
Direct to his recipients, who discern
Not, how it comes, nor, truly, yet can learn
How on it goes, yet gives, to all and each,
As told, a rest, no Pope or priest can reach.
Whence comes another teaching, now is trod
In crushing wine press of Almighty God,
As hear the Word—"Revealed from on high
"Shall Jesus with his mighty angels hie
"In flaming fire, to take account from those
"Who know not God"—will not of saints repose,
"And who obey not Gospel of our Lord—
"The Jesus Christ." Here is declar'd what sword—
God's Holy Word now does, as Jesus Christ,
Almighty Son of God, calls out to tryst
Assembled enemies, there to be crush'd
In winepress down, till latest foe is crush'd;
Ecclesiastics had begun the war
Are first to hand, then centrals near and far.
Great wickedness had come! The judge by laws
Of man's device, and clergymen by clause
Of creeds' deceit, destroy, until as given
In Word, they join in eighteen sixty-seven
And for three years and half, lay waste, which time
Expir'd, they slay the witnessing 'gainst crime—
They kill the holy covenants, with their
Unyielding bodies, God's plain truths declare;
Down lie they, on the foul predicted street
Of modern Sodom generates to complete
The reign of Antichrist; and for three days
And half, as there the last left voice decays
'Mid mockeries, these dead in God yield mirth
To present power—unbridl'd "Beast of Earth."
But look on high! That earthly power at end,
Then sun blood red, to evil deeds portend
Retaliation! and at same time, a sound
Wakes witnessing and witnesses—around
Pope and old Lewie—"Cities" o'er the towns
Pay out for same, by raffeling their crowns.
Priests and old "airs" depart—men breathe in breath
Breaks bands of lies, and rends the bars of death;
Jehosophat's lone dead, breath'd over, take
Immortal life, and wicked dead awake
To give account of gloriers in shame,
Now with the Devil, cast are into flame
By Word the Judge, whom saved now may see
Commencing trials, in Eighteen seventy.
page 26 Sing all of Him—of Christ the fight has won
And therefore Lord, while endless ages run.
Throughout eternity, Almighty Father praise—
To Him thy framer, earth your anthems raise;
He made thy hills, the glowing meadows, He
Encloth'd in robes of cheering flowery,
Where blossom, plant, and bird of varied wing,
In given way Creator's glories sing;
Each in their speech, to God Almighty, rise
From earth, in heaven, or highway in the skies.
Man! then awake, for though thou yet wert still,
When dale and meadow, flower, and bird and hill
Created were, God with a mind and soul
Ennobl'd thee, to guide the mighty whole,
And rise aloft, even unto distant star
Reveals of Glory, rules all near and far,
In one accord; join therefore in the voice
Lisps out His praise, come with it and rejoice
To clear God's ways on earth—His laws, therein
A holy, loving brotherhood begin
As fall those earthly governments and powers
Destroyed earth by guarding walls and towers
Established cruelties, now lowly lie
By hand of Him, rules earth and heavens high.
Lord! by thy Word, gave solace to the brave,
Now rise triumphant over death and grave,
Send, as confirm'd, to all, of "Beasts of Sea
And Earth," woes—want and strife continuously,
While, as according to thy promise, give,
Almighty God, thy long oppress'd to live
Securely in their lands declar'd of old,
Would in last Times, thy gracious laws unfold
To all of world; and meanwhile, as now sent,
Uphold thy Word—thy Scripture government.
Christ—Tree of Health, on each side river, flows
Through paradise—the Holy Spirit, goes
To give of Life, renews, enlivens all
Will for the homes of promis'd glory call
Has now made known, in last of days, his wrath
On Priest and Jesuit, ultimately, hath
Usurp'd his throne, who therefore will adhere
To aught of these, to welcom'd death draws near,
For eighteenth July, eighteen seventy
Commenced woe, ends, when it out shall see
The thirteen hundred five and thirty days
Of sword and famine, purify God's ways.

The End.

Dunedin: Mills, Dick & Co., Printers, Stafford Street.