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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

V.—Attendance and Places of Members

V.—Attendance and Places of Members.

57. Every Member is bound to attend the

Every Member to attend the Service of the House.

Service of the House, unless leave of absence be given to him by the House.
58. Notice is to be given of a Motion for

Notice to be given of Motions for Leave of Absence.

giving leave of absence to any Member, stating the cause and period of absence.
59. A Member is excused from service in

Members excused from Service.

the House or on any Committee so long as he has leave of absence.
60. Any Member having leave of absence

Leave of Absence forfeited.

forfeits the same by attending the service of the House before the expiration of such leave.
61. When an order is made that the

Calls of the House.

House be called over on a future day, Mr. Speaker shall cause Circular Letters or Telegrams to be forwarded to all the Members of the House requiring their attendance on that day. No order for a call of the House shall be made for any day earlier than seven days from the date of such order.
62. When the Order of the Day for calling

Order in which Names are called.

over the House is read, the names of page 12 the Members are called over by the Clerk alphabetically.

Members not present but subsequently attending.

63. The names of all Members who do not answer when called are taken down by the Clerk, and are subsequently called over a second time; when those who answer, or afterwards attend in their places on the same day, are ordinarily excused.

Members not attending.

64. Members not attending in their places are dealt with for their default, as the House may think fit.

Entering and leaving the House.

65. Every Member is to be uncovered when he enters or leaves the House, or moves to any other part of the House, and is to make obeisance to the Chair in passing to or from his seat.

Members leaving their Seats.

66. No Member is to pass between the Chair and any member who is speaking.

Members not to read Newspaper, &c.

67. No Member is to read any newspaper, book, or letter in his place.