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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

XX.—Accounts and Papers

XX.—Accounts and Papers.

Accounts, &c., ordered

348. Accounts and Papers are ordered to be laid before the House.
page 55
349. Motions for the production of despatches,

Addresses for papers

or other correspondence, addressed to the Governor, or for any information to be furnished by His Excellency, are in form, "That an Address be presented to His Excellency, praying that he will be pleased to forward copy of the despatch or other information sought."
350. Other Papers are presented pursuant

Papers presented by command

to Statute, or by command of the Governor.
351. Accounts and other Papers which are

Deposited with the Clerk of the House

required to be laid before this House by any Act of Parliament, or by any Order of the House, may be deposited in the office of the Clerk of this House, and the same will be laid on the Table, and a List of such Accounts and Papers read by the Clerk.
352. Every Account and Paper is ordered

Accounts to lie upon the Table

to lie upon the Table, or is referred to a Committee.
353. Accounts and Papers are ordered to

Ordered to be printed

be printed, whenever it is expedient.
354. At the commencement of each Session,

Printing Committee

a Select Committee is appointed to assist Mr. Speaker in all matters which relate to the Printing executed by Order of the House; and for the purpose of selecting and arranging for Printing Returns and Papers presented in pursuance of Motions made by Members.
355. Speeches addressed to the House by

Speeches by Governor, and Bills specially affecting the Maoris, translated, and printed in Maori

His Excellency the Governor, and Bills introduced into the House specially affecting the Maoris, are translated and printed in the Maori page 56 tongue for the information of Her Majesty's subjects of that race.

Certain Sessional Papers printed in Maori

356. Mr. Speaker will make a selection of such Sessional Papers as may appear to him of the greatest interest to the Native race generally, and have them translated and printed.

Papers to be accompanied by a Maori translation in certain cases

357. When the Government lays Papers on the Table of the House, such of them as may be considered of most interest to the Maoris should, unless inconvenient delay result, he accompanied by a translation in the Native language.

Other Papers are translated only by order of the House upon Motion

358. All other Papers are translated into and printed in Maori only by Order of the House upon Motion.