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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

II.—Opening of Parliament

II.—Opening of Parliament.

26. On being summoned to attend the

Mr. Speaker with the House, goes up to the Legislative Council.

Governor in the Council Chamber, Mr. Speaker, with the House, goes up there to hear the Governor's Speech.
27. Mr. Speaker and the House then

House retires, and adjourns during pleasure.

retire from the Council Chamber; and Mr. Speaker having taken the Chair, the House may then adjourn during pleasure.
28. Before the Governor's Speech is reported

A Bill read pro forma.

to the House by Mr. Speaker, some Bill is read a first time pro formâ.
29. Mr. Speaker reports that the House

Mr. Speaker reports the Governor's Speech.

had this day attended the Governor (or had been in the Council Chamber at the desire of the Commissioners for opening Parliament), and that His Excellency was pleased to make a Speech to both Houses of Parliament, or that the Commissioners had made a Speech to both Houses of Parliament, of page 6 which Mr. Speaker says he had, for greater accuracy, obtained a Copy, which he reads to the House.

Motion for an Address in answer.

30. The said Speech having been read, notice of a Motion for an Address to the Governor is given.

Select Committee appointed to draw up an Address.

31. The Resolution for presenting such Address having been agreed to by the House, with or without amendments, a Select Committee is appointed to draw up an Address to be presented to His Excellency upon the said Resolution; and His Excellency's Speech is referred to the said Committee.

Address reported and agreed to.

32. On the Address being reported by the said Committee, the House resolves to agree to the same, with or without amendments.

Address to be presented by the whole House.

33. The Address in reply to the Governor's Speech is ordered to be presented to the Governor by the whole House.

Governor's Speech to be taken into consideration.

34. The Governor's Speech (or the Speech of the Commissioners) is ordered to be taken into consideration on some future day.

Governor's Speech considered, and

35. The House, on the day appointed, according to order, proceeds to take the said Speech into consideration; and so much of the same as was addressed to the Members of the House of Representatives is again

Motion made that a Supply be granted to Her Majesty.

read by Mr. Speaker; and a Motion being made that a Supply be granted to Her Majesty, a Resolution is agreed to, that the House will to-morrow, or on a future day, resolve itself into Committee to consider that Motion.