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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

XVIII.—Public Petitions

XVIII.—Public Petitions.

Time for presenting Petitions

259. No Petition shall be presented during any Debate, nor after the House shall have proceeded to Motions or Orders of the Day, unless it be a Petition referring to the Question before the House, which may be received immediately upon the reading of the Order of the Day or Notice of Motion.
page 41
260. Every Petition is to be fairly written,

Petition to be written, lithographed, or printed

lithographed, or printed.
261. Signatures to every printed or lithographed Petition are to be written or properly

Signatures to be written

attested, as provided by Standing Order 266.
262. No printed or lithographed Petition

No erasure or interlineation in printed or lithographed Petition

will be received if it contains any erasure or interlineation.
263. Every erasure or interlineation in a

How erasures or interlineations may be made in written petition

written Petition must be signed or initialed at each end of such erasure or interlineation by the person or persons signing the Petition, and all such erasures or interlineations must be indorsed and duly signed and attested on the back of every such Petition by the Petitioner or Petitioners.
264. Every Petition is to be signed at

To be signed on the same skin

least by one person on each skin or sheet on which the Petition is written, printed, or lithographed.
265. Every Petition is to be written,

To be in English or Maori.

printed, or lithographed in the English or Maori language; and every Maori Petition shall be translated by a Maori Translator appointed by the Speaker from time to time for that purpose before it shall be presented to the House.
266. Every Petition is to be signed by the

To be signed by the parties

persons whose names are appended thereto, except in the case of incapacity or sickness; and in that case the signature or signatures must be witnessed by at least two persons.
267. The signatures are required to be

Signatures not to be transferred

written upon the Petition itself, and not pasted page 42 upon or otherwise transferred thereto.

Common seals of Corporations

268. Petitions of Corporations aggregate are required to be under their common seal; or in the case of bodies incorporated elsewhere than within the colony, then under the hand of duly authorized attorneys of such Corporations.

No letters, affidavits, &c., to be attached

269. No letters, affidavits, or other documents may be attached to any Petition.

Debates not to be referred to

270. No reference may be made in a Petition to any Debate in Parliament, nor to any intended Motion, unless notice of such Motion shall have been duly given and printed in the Order Paper.

Petitions for compounding debts to the Crown

271. This House will not receive any Petition for compounding any sum of money owing to the Crown upon any branch of the revenue, without a certificate from the proper officer or officers annexed to the said Petition, stating the debt, what prosecutions have been made for the recovery of such debt, and setting forth how much the Petitioner and his security are able to satisfy thereof.

Forgery of signatures

272. It is highly unwarrantable, and a breach of the privileges of this House, for any person to set the name of any other person to any Petition to be presented to this House, except as provided in Standing Order 269.

Members to affix their names

273. Every Member presenting a Petition to the House is to affix his name at the beginning thereof.
page 43
274. Every Member presenting a Petition

Members to peruse Petitions

is to take care that the same is in conformity with the Rules and Orders of The House.
275. Every Petition is to be respectful,

Petitions to be respectful

decorous, and temperate in its language.
276. Petitions in the nature of Election

Petitions in the nature of Election Petitions

Petitions will not be received unless the forms required by the Election Petitions Act have been complied with, the same being certified by the proper officer.
277. Every Election Petition shall be presented

Time for presenting Election Petitions

to the House within fourteen days from the commencement of the Session, unless when the Member petitioned against shall have been elected during the Session, and then within thirty days next after his election.
278. Petitions can only be presented to

Petitions presented by Members

the House by a Member.
279. A Member cannot present a Petition

Petitions from Members

from himself.
280. Every Member offering to present a

Members confined to statements of certain facts

Petition to the House, not being a Petition for a Private Bill, or relating to a Private Bill before the House, is to confine himself to a statement of the parties from whom it conies, of the number of signatures attached to it, and of the material allegations contained in it.
281. Every such Petition not containing

Not to be debated

matter in breach of the Privileges of this House, and which, according to the rules or usual practice of this House can be received, is brought to the Table by the direction of the page 44 the Speaker, who cannot allow any debate or any Member to speak upon or in relation to such Petition; but it may be read by the Clerk at the Table, if required.

Petitions complaining of grievances

282. In the case of such Petition complaining of some present personal grievance, for which there may be an urgent necessity for providing an immediate remedy, the matter contained in such Petition may be brought into discussion on the presentation thereof.

Petitions referred to Committee on Public Petitions

283. All other such Petitions, after they shall have been ordered to lie on the Table, are referred to the Committee on Public Petitions, without any question being put; but if any such Petition relate to any matter or subject with respect to which the Member presenting it has given notice of a motion,

And in certain cases ordered to be printed

and the said Petition has not been ordered to be printed by the Committee, such Member may, after notice given, move that such Petition be printed.

Petitions against taxes

284. Subject to the above regulations, Petitions against any Resolution or Bill imposing a tax or duty for the current service of the year may be received.

Petitions from Maoris

285. Petitions from persons of the Native race may be received without regard to the foregoing forms.

Reports on Maori Petitions

286. All Reports of the Public Petitions Committee on Petitions of aboriginal Natives shall be translated into the Maori language, and printed as soon as possible after such Reports are brought up.