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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

XII.—Instructions to Committees

XII.—Instructions to Committees.

201. An Instruction empowers a Committee

Effect of an Instruction.

of the whole House to consider matters not otherwise referred to them.
202. It is an Instruction to all Committees

Committees on Bills to make Amendments relevant to subject-matter.

of the whole House to whom Bills may be committed, that they have power to make such Amendments therein as they shall think fit, provided they be relevant to the subject-matter of the Bill; but that if any such Amendments shall not be within the Title of the Bill, they do amend the Title accordingly, and do report the same specially to the House.
203. An Instruction to a Committee on

What Instructions may not be moved.

a Bill empowers the Committee to make provision therein; and may not be moved, if they already have power to make such provision.
204. An Instruction should ordinarily be

When to be moved.

moved after the Order of the Day has been read, and not as an Amendment to the Question that Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair.
205. An Instruction to a Select Committee

Instruction to a Select Committee.

extends or restricts the Order of Reference.