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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

XI.—Select Committees

XI.—Select Committees.

178. No Select Committee shall consist of

Committee to consist of not less than Five nor more than Ten Members.

less than Five or of more than Ten Members, without leave from the House, on Motion with notice.
179. Every Member intending to move

Notice of Nomination to be given.

for page 28 the appointment of a Select Committee is to place on his Notice the Names of the Members intended to be proposed by him to be Members of such Committee.

List, of Members serving.

180. Lists are to be posted in some conspicuous place in the Clerk's Office, and in the Lobby of the House, of all Members serving on each Select Committee.

Names of Members asking Questions to be entered in Minutes.

181. To every Question asked of Witness under examination, in the Proceedings of any Select Committee, is to be prefixed in the Minutes of the Evidence the Name of the Member asking such Question.

Names of Members present.

182. The Names of the Members present each day on the sitting of any Select Committee are to be entered on the Minutes of Evidence, or on the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Committee (as the case may be), and reported to the House on the Report of such Committee.

Divisions to be entered.

183. In the event of any Division taking place in any Select Committee, the Question proposed, the Name of the Proposer, and the respective Votes thereupon of each Member present, are to be entered on the Minutes of Evidence, or on the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Committee (as the case may be), and reported to the House on the Report of such Committee.

When Quorum not present.

184. If, at any time during the sitting of a Select Committee of this House, the Quorum of Members fixed by the House be not present, the Clerk of the Committee is to call the attention of the Chairman to the fact, page 29 who is thereupon to suspend the Proceedings of the Committee until a Quorum be present, or to adjourn the Committee to some future day.
185. Members may he afterwards discharged

Members discharged and added.

from attending a Select Committee; and other Members appointed after previous notice given.
186. The House appoints the Quorum of

Quorum appointed by House.

each Committee; and where no Quorum is appointed, all the Members are to attend.
187. The Quorum of a Joint Committee

Quorum of a Joint Committee

shall consist of Three Members of each House.
188. Whenever it may be necessary, the

Power to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

House gives a Committee power to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.
189. When a Committee is examining

Admission of Strangers to Committees.

Witnesses, it admits or excludes Strangers at its pleasure; but always excludes them when deliberating.
190. Members of the House may be

When Members of the House may be present.

present when a Committee is examining witnesses; but withdraw, by courtesy, when the Committee is deliberating.
191. No strangers or Members, not being

Secret Committees.

of the Committee, are admitted at any time to a Secret Committee.
192. The Chairman of a Select Committee

When Chairman votes.

an only Vote when there is an equality of voices.
193. A Select Committee may adjourn

Committee adjourns.

from time to time, and, by leave of the House, from place to place.
page 30

Not to sit during sitting of the House without leave.

194. Except by leave of the House, no Select Committee may sit during the sitting of the House.

Evidence, &c., not to be published until reported.

195. The Evidence taken by any Select Committee of this House, and Documents presented to such Committee, and which have not been reported to this House, ought not; to be published by any Member of such Committee, nor by any other person.

Copies of Evidence delivered to Members of Committee only.

196. Proof copies of the Evidence shall be distributed to Members of the Committee only.

Report from time to time.

197. By leave of the House, a Committee may report its opinions or observations from time to time, or report the Minutes of Evidence only, or Proceedings, from time to time.

Day fixed for bringing up Report.

198. On the appointment of every Select Committee, a day shall be fixed for the bringing up of their Report; on which, or on some earlier day, their final Report shall be brought up, unless further time be previously moved for and granted.

Report brought up.

199. The Report of a Committee is brought up by the Chairman, and is ordered to lie on the Table of the House, and may, on Questions put and passed, be read, and ordered to be printed, or is otherwise dealt with as the House may direct.

Powers of Committees limited to reporting opinions to the House.

200. Committees have only power to report their opinions to the House. If it is desired by a Committee that the Government should take action in any matter connected with their proceedings or on their Report, page 31 the Chairman should be instructed to move in the House to that effect.