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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16




Privilege of freedom of speech in Debate, 18—Questions allowed to be put to Ministers of the Crown, &c., 75—Such questions not to involve argument, 76—In answering any question, the matter to which it refers not to be debated, 77—How Debates may be interrupted, 95—Every Member speaking is to address Mr. Speaker, standing and uncovered, 115—Indulgence extended to Members unable to stand, 116—Speaking to order during a Division, sitting and covered, 117—No Member to speak after a Question put and voices given, 118—Speaker calls upon Members to speak, 119—Motion that a Member "be now heard," or "do now speak," 120—Members to speak to the Question, 121.

Explanation of personal matters, 122—No Member may speak twice, except in explanation, or reply, 123-125—Speaking "to order," or upon a matter page xiii of privilege, 126—Debates of same Session may not be alluded to, except by indulgence, for personal explanations, 127—Reflections upon Votes of the House not allowed, except for rescinding such Vote, 128—Allusions to Debates in the other House not allowed, 129.

Offensive words against either House, or any Statute not allowed, 130—One Member not to refer to another by name, 131—Not to use offensive words in reference to another, 132—Words taken down, 133-135—Members not explaining or retracting, censured, 136—Interference of House to prevent quarrels, 137—No noise or interruption to be allowed during a Debate, 138—Rules of Debate in Committee of the whole House, 139, 167—Means of maintaining order in the House and in Committee of the whole House, 140—House to be silent when Mr. Speaker rises, 141—Member to withdraw whilst his conduct is under debate, 142—In Committee Members may speak more than once, 166.

Debts due to the Crown. Certificate required to be annexed to Petition for compounding, 271.

Disallowance of Votes (on Divisions). If personally interested, 155.

Discharge of Orders. An Order of the House may be read and discharged, 103.

Disorder. If sudden disorder arise in Committee of the whole House, Speaker will resume the Chair, 168—Members wilfully and vexatiously interrupting the orderly conduct of the business of the House guilty of contempt, 387.

See also Noise and Disturbance.

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If the Speaker's opinion that the "Ayes" or the "Noes" "have it," be not acquiesced in, a Division ensues, 99—Members speaking to a point of order during a Division to sit covered whilst speaking, 117—Every Member then present must vote, 143.

Doors not closed till after two minutes, as indicated by sand-glass, 144—Doors closed after lapse of two minutes, 145—Question then put, and the "Ayes" and "Noes" go respectively to the right and the left, and Tellers appointed, 146—If not two Tellers for one of the parties, no Division allowed, 147—Every Member counted, and names taken down by Tellers, 148.

Tellers report the numbers to Mr. Speaker, who declares them to the House, 149—In case of confusion or error, House again divides, 150—Numbers inaccurately reported, corrected in the Journals, 151—On equality of votes, Speaker gives casting voice, 152—Any reason stated by him being entered in the Journals ib.—Division Lists printed in the Journals, 153—Member not entitled to vote if personally interested, 155.

Divisions in Committee of the whole House taken in the same manner as in the House itself, 154.

Manner of taking Divisions in Select Committees; entry made in the Minutes, 183.

Doors of the House. Closed during Prayers, 42—The doors unlocked whenever House is being counted, 49—Doors locked during. Divisions, 145—But not to be closed until after the lapse of two minutes, 144.

Dropped Motions. A Motion not seconded is forthwith dropped, and no entry made in the Journals, 90.

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Dropped Orders of the Day. To be set down in the Order Book, after the Orders of the Day for the next day on which the House sits, 73.