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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



Bar of the House. Witnesses examined at, 206—Practice when witness in custody at the Bar is page iv examined, 224—Chairs placed for Legislative Councillors and Judges within the Bar, 227—Member appointed to prepare a Bill appears with it at, 297.

Bills Public:

How ordered to be brought in, 287—Certain Members named to prepare and bring in each Bill, 288—Members added to those originally named, 289—Joint Committee to determine what are Private Bills, 291—Definition of Private Bills, 292—Instructions to make further provision, 287—Bills relating to Religion, 293—To Trade, 294—For granting money, or releasing or compounding any sum of money owing to the Crown, 295—If not prepared pursuant to Order, or to the Rules of the House, will be ordered to be withdrawn, 296—Bills specially affecting the Maoris are translated and printed in the Maori tongue, 355.

Manner of presenting a Bill, 297—First Blading, 298—First Beading of a Bill pro formâ, 28—Questions for First Beading and Printing to be decided without Amendment or Debate, 299—Ordered to be read a Second Time, 300—Question for Second Beading put, 381—Amendments to Question for second Reading, 302—Amendments to be strictly relevant, 303—Commitment, 304—Question put for Speaker to leave the Chair, 306—When Committee has reported Progress, Speaker leaves the Chair without putting any Question, ib. Amendments to Question for Speaker to leave the Chair, 307.

Instructions to Committee on the Bill; not to be moved by way of Amendment, 308—Several Bills may be considered together, on the same day, without the Chairman leaving the Chair on each separate Bill, 309—Preamble postponed; every page v clause considered seriatim, 310—Amendments to clauses; limitations thereto, 311—Question put on each clause, That it stand part of the Bill, 313—Proceedings in regard to filling up blanks, 314—Clauses postponed, 315—When Preamble considered and agreed to, 316

No notice taken of Proceedings in Committee until Report, 317—Report of Progress, and leave asked to sit again, 318—Bill reported, 319—Report to be received without debate, and a time appointed for considering same, 320—Where Bill reported without Amendment, 321—Clauses offered in Committee, or on consideration of Report—322 Notice required in certain cases, ib.—Course pursued with clauses containing Rates, Penalties, or other blank, 323—Bills re-committed, 324—Order for Third Reading discharged, and Bill re-committed, 325.

Third Reading; Amendments to Questions for, 326—Amendments on Third Reading to be merely verbal, 327—Bill passed, and Title agreed to, 328—Further proceedings on Third Reading adjourned to a future day, 329—Unusual Expedition, 330—Duration of temporary Laws to be expressed, 331—Bill to be signed by the Speaker, and date of passing certified by the Clerk, 332—Bill sent to Legislative Council with a Message, 334—If the Bill be agreed to, it remains in the Council for transmission to the Governor, 335—If amended, Bill returned to the House, with a Message stating the Amendments, 336—Day to be appointed for the consideration of the Amendments made by the Council; same agreed to or disagreed to, 337—If agreed to, Message to be transmitted to the Legislative Council acquainting them thereof, 338—If Amendments disagreed to, a Conference may be requested for the Adjustment of the Questions at issue; if ac- page vi commodated, the Bill remains in the House in which it originated for transmission to the Governor, 339—Fair print of Bill to be certified by Speaker, 333—Bills to be printed on vellum when passed by both Houses of the Legislature, 340—Authenticated by Clerk of Parliaments, 341—Presented to the Governor by Clerk of Parliaments, 342—Governor's Amendments to be indorsed on Bill, 345—Vellum copies of Bills, where deposited, 347—Royal Assent, how signified, 343—Amendments by the Governor are transmitted by Message, and a time is fixed for their consideration, 344—If agreed to, to be forwarded to the Legislative Council for their concurrence, 346.

Blanks (Public Bills). Course pursued in regard to filling up, in Committee, 314.

Business of the House. Of what the ordinary business of each day consists, 68—Order in which taken, 74—No New Business to be taken after half after Twelve o'clock at night, 53.

See also Bills, Public. Notices of Motions. Orders of the Day.