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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



Quarrels. House will interfere to prevent Quarrels between Members, 137.


When Member proposed for Speaker is unopposed he is called to the Chair without any Question put, 9—Questions on the choice of Speaker, how and by whom put, 13, 14—Question proposed when a Motion has been made and seconded, 89—No Member to speak to a Question after the same has been put, and voices taken, 115—Members must always speak to the Question, 118—No Member to speak twice to the same Question, 123.

Questions superseded, viz.: By adjournment, 92, page xxviii 94—By reading the Orders of the Day, 92—By the Previous Question, ib.—Course pursued if Previous Question resolved in the affirmative, 93—Debates on Questions interrupted, and how, 95—Complicated Questions ordered to be divided, 96—Question put by Speaker when Debate is ended, 97—If Question not heard, Speaker will state it again, ib.—Question determined by the majority of voices, 98—Speaker states whether "Ayes" or "Noes" have it; but if this is not acquiesced in, a Division ensues, 99—The same Question may not be proposed twice in the same Session, 100.

Amendments to Questions. Different forms of Amendments to Questions, 104—If Amendments not seconded they will not be entertained, 105—Amendment to leave out words, 106—To leave out words and insert or add others, 107—To insert or add words, 108—When a later part of a Question has been amended no Amendment can be proposed to a former part, 109—No Amendment to be made to words already agreed to, 110—Proposed Amendment may, by leave, be withdrawn, 111—Amendments to proposed Amendments, 112—Question as amended put, 113—When Amendments proposed, but not made, 114.

Questions put by Members. Rules as to Questions put to Ministers of the Crown and others, 75-77.


House, and Committees of whole House. House counted after Prayers, and if 20 Members, including Speaker, be not present, no business proceeded with, and Speaker adjourns the House, 44—If notice taken after business commenced 20 Members not present, House adjourned, 47—When the House is summoned by His Excellency it is not page xxix counted, and proceeds to business although not a Quorum, 47—When Chairman of Committees of the whole House reports that 20 Members are not present, House counted, and if 20 Members not present, House adjourned, 48—If 20 Members are present, Committee resumes, 171—When House adjourned for want of a Quorum, the hour of the adjournment and the names of the Members present are inserted in the Journals, 50.

Select Committees. Course to be pursued when Quorum not present, 184—The Quorum of each Committee appointed by the House, 186—When no Quorum appointed, all are to attend, ib.—Quorum of a Joint Committee, 187.