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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



Papers. In certain cases to be translated into Maori and printed, 356-358.

Penalties, Forfeitures, and Fees. By Legislative Council Amendments, to Bills relating to; in what cases the House waive their privileges, 360—Penalties for contempt, 388—Applied to the Library Fund, 389.

Personal Explanations. Members allowed to make, although no Question before the House, 122—But such matters not debated, ib.

See also Explanation of Words.

Personal Interest. Disentitles a Member to vote, 155.

Persons, Papers, and Records. Power given to Select Committees to Bend for, 188.

page xxv

Petitions, Public:

Time for presenting Petitions, 259—To be fairly written, printed, or lithographed, 260—Signatures to printed or lithographed Petitions to be written or properly attested, 261—No erasure or interlineation in printed or lithographed Petitions, 262—How erasures or interlineations may be made in written Petitions, 263—To be signed on the same skin on which Petition is written, 264—To be in English or Maori, accompanied by an English translation, made by a Translator appointed by the Speaker, 265—To be signed by the parties, and no one else, except in case of incapacity, 266—Signatures to be on the Petition itself, and not pasted upon or otherwise transferred thereto, 267—Common Seals of Corporations, 268—Or under the hand of the attorneys of bodies incorporated out of the colony, 268—No letters, affidavits, &c., to be attached, 269—Debates, or any intended Motion, not to be referred to, 270.

Petitions for compounding debts due to the Crown; certificate required, 271—Forgery of signatures, 272—Members presenting Petitions to affix their names at the beginning thereof, 273—And to take care they are in conformity with the rules of the House, 274—Language of Petitions to be respectful and decorous, 275.

Petitions in the nature of Election Petitions, 276—Time for presenting Election Petitions, 277,—Petitions to be presented by Members only, 278—A Member not to present a Petition from himself, 279.

Members presenting Petitions confined to statement of certain facts, 280—No debate allowed, 281—But Petition may be read by Clerk if required, ib.—Exceptions in favour of petitions complaining page xxvi of personal grievances urgently requiring immediate remedy, 282—Petitions referred to the Committee on Public Petitions, 283—In certain cases ordered to be printed, ib.—Petitions against taxes may be received, 284—Petitions from persons of the Native Race may be received without regard to the foregoing forms, 285—Reports on, to be printed and translated, 286.

Places of Members. Rules and Orders regulating the same, 57-67.


Read daily by the Speaker, 41—Notice thereof given by Serjeant to all Committees, 43—Their proceedings after such Notice void, ib.—Doors of the House closed during, 42—House counted after, 44.

Preamble (Public Bills). Consideration thereof in Committee postponed to the last, 310—Considered, and if necessary amended, and agreed to, 316.

Previous Question. Questions superseded by the, 92—The Question for the Previous Question may be superseded by the adjournment of the House, 94—If Previous Question resolved in the affirmative, 93—Motion for the Previous Question cannot be made in Committee of the Whole House, 165.

Printing Committee. Appointed at the commencement of each Session; its functions, 354.

Private Bills. Definition of, 292—Waiver by the House of their Privileges in regard to Legislative Council's amendments affecting penalties, forfeitures, and fees, 360—And in regard to Tolls and Charges in Private Bills, 361—No Member to engage by himself or partner in the management of Private Bills for pecuniary reward, 383—Joint Committee on, appointed, 291.

page xxvii

Privileges. Speaker lays claim to Privileges; their nature, 18—Reports his making such claim, 19—When Speaker elected on a vacancy during a Session he does not claim privileges, 24—Motions concerning Privileges take precedence of other motions, as well as of other Orders of the Day, 86—A matter of Privilege may interrupt a Debate, 95—Forgery of signatures to Petitions a breach of Privilege, 272.

Prorogation of Parliament:

Prorogation by the Governor in person after a Session, 36—The like by Commission, 37—Further Prorogation by Proclamation, 38.

Protection of Witnesses. Rule as to, 219.

Public Bills. Rules and Orders relating to, 287-347.

See also Bills, Public.

Public Petitions. See Petitions, Public.