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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



Oaths. At the commencement of a new Parliament a Commissioner is appointed by the Governor to page xxiii administer the Oaths to Members, 5—During the remaining term of the Parliament Mr. Speaker holds a commission authorizing him to administer the Oath, 20—Members sworn, 6—Business interrupted to enable Members to take Oath, 21.

Obeisances. Made by Members to the Chair in passing to or from their seats, 65.

Offensive Words. Against either House or any Statute not permitted, 130—Nor offensive or un-becoming words in reference to any Member, 132—If words used in debate be objected to, the Speaker will direct them to be taken down by the Clerk, 133—The like in regard to a Committee of the whole House, 134—Objection to words to betaken at the time such words are used, 135—Members not explainiug or retracting censured or otherwise dealt with, 136.

Officers of the House. No Clerk or Officer, or Short-hand Writer, employed to take Minutes of Evidence, may give evidence elsewhere in respect of any proceedings, &c., without leave, 220.

See also Clerk of the House.

Opening of Parliament. Proceedings on the opening of a new Parliament, 1-24—The like when not a new Parliament, 26-35.

"Order." Any Member may rise to speak "to Order," 126—A question of Order may interrupt Debates, 95—Speaking to question of Order whilst House is dividing, 117.

Orders of the Day:

Defined, 69—Relative precedence of Orders and Notices, 70—Orders of the Day have precedence on Tuesdays and Fridays, 81—Speaker to direct the Clerk to read the Orders of the Day without page xxiv any question put, 71—Orders are disposed of in the order which they stand upon the Paper, 72—Government Orders to have precedence on certain days, ib.—Dropped Orders, how provided for, 73—No Order of the Day or Notice of Motion to be called on after half after Twelve o'clock at night, 53.

Notices take precedence of Orders on Wednesdays and Thursdays, unless House otherwise directs, 81—Questions superseded by Motion for now reading the Orders of the Day, 92—This however restricted to days on which Notices have precedence, ib.—The Question for reading the Orders of the Day may be superseded by the Adjournment of the House, 94.

Orders of the Souse. May be read and discharged, 103.

Order Paper. See Supplementary Order Paper.