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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



Names of Members. No Member to refer to another by name, 131—Members disorderly called upon by Speaker by name, 138—See also Call of the House.

Natives. Petitions from Maoris may be received without regard to the ordinary rules of the House, 285—And may be in Maori, but must be accompanied by a certified English translation made by a Translator duly appointed by Mr. Speaker, 265—Speeches by the Governor to the House, and Bills introduced into the House, specially affecting the Maoris, to be translated and printed in the Maori tongue for the information of the Natives, 355—All other Papers are only translated and printed in Maori by order of the House, upon Motion, 358—Reports on Petitions from, to be printed, 286.

New Members. How introduced, when returned after a General Election, 22.

New Parliaments. Proceedings on the opening of a new Parliament, 1, 24—Form of Prorogation, and page xxii of further Prorogation of a new Parliament by Proclamation, 38.

Newspapers. No Member to read any newspaper, book, or letter in his place, 67.

"Noes." See "Ayes" and "Noes."

Noise and Disturbance. Not allowed during a debate 138. See also Disorder. Members wilfully and vexatiously interrupting the orderly conduct of the business of the House guilty of contempt, 387.

Notice. Notice required to be given of Motions for leave of absence, 58—Notice required to be given of the names of Members proposed to be placed on the Committee, 179—Notice of considering Amendments of the Council to Bills, 337.

Notices of Motions:

Relative precedence of Orders of the Day and Notices of Motions, 70, 71—Every Notice to be in writing, and delivered at the Table, 78—One Member may give Notice for another who is absent, 79—Restrictions imposed upon giving Notices, 80—Notices take precedence of Orders of the Day on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 81.

Notices containing unbecoming expressions expunged, 82—Postponement of Notices, 83—Alteration of the terms of Notices, 84—Precedence of Motions according to the order in which the Notices were given, 85—Urgent Motions concerning Privileges, 86—Motions for Votes of Thanks, 87—Motions may be made by leave without Notice, 88.

See also Motions.