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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16


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Absence of Members. Notices of motion may be given by a Member, for any other Member being absent, 79—No Member to absent himself for more than a week without leave, 386—Guilty of contempt, ib. See also Leave of Absence.

Absence of Speaker. Chairman of Committee of Ways and Means to perform his duties, 25.

Access to the Governor. Privilege of free access to His Excellency, 18.

Accounts and Payees:

Ordered to be laid before the House, 348—When Addresses presented for them, 349—Papers presented by Command, 350—In what eases deposited with the Clerk of the House, 351—Accounts and Papers ordered to lie upon the Table, 352—Ordered to be printed when expedient, 353—Printing Committee, its functions, 354—Speeches by the Governor to the House, and Bills introduced into page ii the House specially affecting the Maoris, to be translated and printed in Maori, 355—also, Papers selected by Mr. Speaker, 356—to be accompanied by translations in certain cases, 357—Other Papers printed by Order of the House upon Motion, 358—Accounts and Estimates referred to the Committee of Supply, 370.


Modes of presenting, 251—Form when presented by the whole House, 252—Concurrence of the other House, how signified, 253—Joint Addresses, 254—The Legislative Council learn His Excellency's pleasure when he will receive the same, 255—Form of presenting joint Address, 256—His Excellency's Answer to Address presented by the whole House, how reported, 257—The like, to other Addresses, 258.

Motion for Address in answer to the Opening Speech given, 30—Select Committee appointed to draw up the Address, 31—Speech referred, ib.—Address reported and agreed to, 32—When presented by the whole House, 33—Speech to be taken into consideration, 34.

In what cases Accounts and Papers are procured by Address, 349—Motion for and Address to the Crown for the issue of public money not entertained except in Committee of the whole House, 365.

Adjournment of the House. After choice of Speaker, 16—Rules and Orders relative to the Sitting and Adjournment of the House, 39-56—Except in cases mentioned, the House can only be adjourned by its own Resolution, 54—Questions superseded by Adjournment of the House, 92-94—When House adjourned for want of a Quorum, the hour and the names of Members present entered in the Journals, 50.

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Adjournment of Select Committees. When Quorum not present, 184—May adjourn from time to time, 193—And (by leave) from place to place, ib.

Amendments to Bills. See Bills, Public.

Amendments to Questions:

Questions superseded by, 92,94—Different forms of Amendment, 104—If not seconded, will not be entertained, 105—Amendment to leave out certain words, 106—To leave out words, and insert or add others, 107—To insert or add words, 108—Amendments to the former part of a question may not be proposed after a later part has been amended, 109—No Amendment to be made to words already agreed to, 110—Proposed Amendment may, by leave, be withdrawn, 111—Amendments to proposed Amendments, 112—When Amendments made, the main question as amended is put, 113—When Amendments proposed but not made, the question as originally proposed is put, 114.

Application for Public Money. Will not be entertained unless recommended by the Crown, 362—Nor proceeded upon except in a Committee of the whole House, 365.

Attendance of Members. Rules and Orders regulating the same, 57-67.

"Ayes" and "Noes." Questions determined by majority of voices, "Aye" or "No," 98—Speaker states which has it; if his opinion not acquiesced in, a Division ensues, 99.—See also Divisions.