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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16



When to be presented. mittee.

107. No petition shall be presented dur- page 25 ing any debate, nor after the Council shall have proceeded to the Orders of the Day.
108. It shall be incumbent upon every

Member presenting to acquaint himself with contents.

member presenting a petition to acquaint himself with the contents thereof, and to ascertain that it does not contain language disrespectful to the Council.
109. Every member presenting a petition

And to affix his name thereto

shall affix his name at the beginning: thereof.
110. Every petition shall be in writing,

Form of petitions.

or print, or partly in writing and partly in print, and shall contain, at the end thereof, the prayer of the petitioners, and shall be in the English language.
111. No letters, or affidavits, or other

No documents to be attached thereto.

documents, shall be attached to any petition.
112. No petition shall make reference to

Nor is a petition to contain reference to any debate.

any debate in the Council, or to any intended motion.
113. No petition shall pray directly for a

Nor to pray for grant of money

grant of public money.
114. Any member presenting a petition

Procedure on presenting a petition.

shall confine himself to a statement of the description and numbers of the petitioners, and of the material allegations contained in page 26 the petition, and to the reading of the prayer thereof. It may be read upon motion without notice, and the only question which shall be entertained on the presemtation of any petition shall be "that the petition be received."

To be received as the petition of the parties signing.

115. All petitions shall be received only as the petitions of the parties signing the same.

Private petitions to stand referred to Private Petitions Committee

116. All private petitions shall stand referred to the Private Petitions Committee, unless otherwise ordered by the Council.

Copies of petitions to be forwarded to Government before presentation.

117. Copies of all petitions making any claim upon the Government, or making any complaint against any Government officer, shall be forwarded to the Government before being presented to the Council.