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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

VI.—Select Committees

VI.—Select Committees.

90. At the commencement of every Session,

Sessional committees.

the following Committees are appointed viz.:—House Committee, Printing Committee, and Private Petitions Committee.
91. No Select Committee shall consist of

Number of members.

less than three or of more than seven members, without leave from the Council on motion upon notice.
92. It shall not be compulsory on Mr.

Not compulsory on Speaker to serve on committees.

Speaker to serve on any Select Committee.
93. Any member upon whose motion a

Member proposing committee to be member thereof.

Select Committee shall be appointed shall be one of the Committee without being named.
94. Every notice of motion for the appointment

Notice of motion for select committee to contain names of proposed members.

of a Select Committee shall contain the names of the members proposed by the mover to serve on such Committee.
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Mode of electing select committees.

95. Upon a motion for a Select Committee, any number of the Council may require such Committee (the Council having first decided that a Committee shall be appointed) to be elected by ballot in manner following. viz.:—Each member shall give in to the Clerk a list of the members proposed by him to serve on such Committee, not exceeding the number originally proposed, exclusive of the mover himself; and if and such list contains a larger number of names it shall be rejected; and the members reported by the Clerk to have the greatest number of votes shall be declared by Mr. Speaker to be, with the mover, the members of such Committee; and in case of two or more members having an equality of votes, Mr, Speaker shall decide by lot which shall serve on such Committee.

Addition, &c. to select committee, how to be made. May sit during adjournment.

96. Any notice of motion for discharging, adding, or substituting members of a Select Committee, shall contain the names of such members; and Select Committees shall have leave to sit after any adjournment of the Council, notwithstanding that such adjournment shall be for a longer period than till the next day.


97. In all Select Committees three shall be a quorum unless otherwise provided in the Order of Reference.


98. Every Select Committee, previously page 23 to the commencement of business, shall elect one of its members to be the Chairman, who shall have a deliberative as well as a casting vote.
99. The examination of witnesses before

Mode of examining witnesses.

every Select Committee shall be conducted as follows, viz:—The Chairman shall first put to the witness, in uninterrupted series, all such questions as he may deem essential. The Chairman shall then call upon the other members severally by name in the order of their sitting, to put further questions. All questions and replies, or either, at the discretion of the Committee, shall be reduced to writing and signed by the witness, and the name of every member interrogating a witness shall be prefixed to the question asked.
100. Every Report of a Select Committee


shall be signed by the Chairman thereof.
101. A list shall be affixed in some conspicuous

Lists of committees to be posted.

place in the Council Chambers, and also in the Lobby, of all members serving on Select Committees.
102. Whenever it may be considered necessary

Power to call for evidence to be asked for.

to examine witnesses, special application shall be made to the Council for power to call for papers, persons, and reports, and for leave to report from time to time.
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Chairman to report to Mr. Speaker in cases of special expenditure.

103. It shall be incumbent upon the Chairman of each Select Committee to report to Mr. Speaker, for the information of the Council, any case calling for special expenditure for attendance of witnesses, &c., previous to the summoning of such witnesses.

Day to be fixed for reporting.

104. On the appointment of every Committee a day shall be fixed for reporting the proceedings to the Council, and on or before such clay the final report of the Committee shall be brought up, unless further time shall be moved for and granted.

No discussion to be on presenting report.

105. Upon the presentation of a report, no discussion shall take place; but the report shall be laid upon the table, and may, on question put and passed, be printed, together with the appendix and reported evidence.

Specific motion on report.

106. If any measure or proceeding be necessary upon the report of a Committee, such measure or proceeding shall be brought under the consideration of the Council by a specific motion, of which notice must be given in the usual manner.