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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 16

V.—Committees of the Whole Council

V.—Committees of the Whole Council.


86. In Committees of the whole Council, one-third of the members of Council, inclusive of the Chairman, shall be a quorum.

Procedure when not a quorum.

87. If, during the progress of business, notice be taken that there are not present one-third of the members of Council, inclusive of the Chairman, the Chairman shall announce that there is not a quorum present, and immediately leave the Chair; and Mr. Speaker shall resume the Chair for the purpose of adjourning the Council.

Procedure on committee breaking up for want of quorum.

88. When Mr. Speaker shall have resumed the Chair on the breaking up of the Committee owing to the requisite number of members not being present, the Chairman shall inform Mr. Speaker thereof, but make no further report. If the Council be then complete it shall again resolve itself into a Committee of the whole Council; but if not, Mr. Speaker shall forthwith adjourn the Council, and the question under consideration shall lapse.
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89. The Rules of the Council shall be

Rules to be observed in com.

observed in a Committee of the whole Council, except the rule limiting the number of times of speaking, and the rule requiring that motions be seconded.