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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Life History

Life History.

The red spiders pass the winter in the perfect state, either in the ground near where they have fallen with the leaves they have injured, or in other convenient places of shelter. They have frequently been found under stones Kaltenbach states. In the case of hop plantations they also retire into the cracks of the poles, and they have been found upon the hop bines after they have been stacked for litter, as well as upon the ends of bines left in the hills or stocks during the winter. The females lay eggs which are rather large, spherical, and colourless, and are glued to the silky webs under the leaves. These are hatched in seven or eight days. The larva has six legs, but after the pupa, or nymph stage, there are eight legs, the full complement.