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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 13

Case I.—Block-Books

Case I.—Block-Books.

1.Biblia Pauperum, or Bible of the Poor, once a popular manual of devotion, and supposed to be the earliest of the "Block-books;" i. e. books printed from carved blocks of wood on one side of the leaf only, and executed in Holland, Flanders, and Germany during the first three quarters of the 15th century. The cuts are coloured by hand. Considered by Heinecken to be the first edition. See his Idée Générale, &c., p. 292. Purchased in 1848.
2.Biblia Pauperum.—Block-book; the second edition, according to Heinecken, Idée Générale, p. 307. From the library of King George III.?
3.Biblia Pauperum.—Block-book. Bequeathed by the Bight Hon. Thomas Grenville.
4.Biblia Pauperum.—Block-book. A German edition, the last leaf of which bears the date[unclear: 18..] [1475]. This edition is remarkable for having a signature in the centre of the fold between each two leaves. Purchased in 1842.
5.The Apocalypse of St. John.—Block-book; the fifth edition, according to Heinecken. From the library of King George III.
6.The Apocalypse of St. John.—Block-book, with the cuts coloured. From the library of King George III.
7.The Book of Canticles.—Block-book. Some copies of this edition have a Dutch inscription at the head of the first leaf. This copy has the inscription. See Ottley, History of Engraving, vol. i. p. 139. Purchased in 1838.
8.The Book of Canticles.—Block-book, with the cuts coloured by hand, and without any inscription. See Heinecken, Idée Générale, &c., p. 374. Bequeathed by the Rev. C. M. Cracherode.
9.Defensorium inviolatæ Virginitatis beatæ Mariæ Virginis.—Block-book, with the cuts coloured, supposed to be unique. page 6 The date date [1470] occurs on p. 1. Purchased in 1849.
10.Defensorium inviolatæ Virginitatis beatæ Mariæ Virginia.—Block-book. Described by Jacobs and Ukert, Beiträge zur ält. Litt. p. 98, et seqq. Purchased in 1854.