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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 13

Case XIII.—Typographical and Literacy Curiosities

page 26

Case XIII.—Typographical and Literacy Curiosities.

1.Columbus. Epistola Christofori Colom: cui etas nostra multum debet: de Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuentis.—Printed at Rome by Eucharius Argenteus [Silber], in 1493. This celebrated letter of Columbus, written eight months after his discoveries, and translated into Latin by Aliander de Cosco, is the first printed document relative to America. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
2.La Lettera dell' isole che ha trovato nuovamente il re dispagna, per Giuliano Dati tradocta. Florence, 1493.—The account by Columbus of his discovery of the West Indies, translated into ottava rima. Unique. Acquired in 1847.
3.Columbus. Epistola de Insulis Indie. Printed at Basle in 1494.—A rare edition, with woodcuts, of Columbus's celebrated Letter on the discovery of the West Indies. Bequeathed by the Bight Hon. Thomas Grenville.
4.Ramirez de Lucena. Repeticion de Amores. Probably printed at Salamanca, about 1495.—The first practical work on Chess; that by Caxton being a moralization of the game. Purchased in 1855.
5.Pelegrin. De artificiali Perspectiva. Toul, 1505. The first edition of the first work on Perspective. Purchased in 1835.
6.Hylacomylus. Cosmographiæ Rudimenta. Printed at St. Die, in Lorraine, in September, 1507.—In this work it was first proposed that the name America should be given to the continent now so called. Purchased in 1843.
7.Henry VIII., King of England. Assertio septem Sacramentorum. Printed by Pynson, at London, in 1521.—The first edition of the work for which Pope Leo X. conferred upon Henry the title of "Defender of the Faith." From the old royal collection.
8.The New Testament.—Printed at Cologne, by P. Quentell, 1525. A fragment of the first edition of Tyndale's Translation, which he was printing at Cologne, when he was in- page 27 terdicted and obliged to quit the city through the machinations of Cochlæus. This is also the earliest specimen of a printed version of the Scriptures in English. The only remaining fragment of an edition of 3000 copies. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
9.The Great Bible, April, 1540.—On vellum. This is called the second edition of Cranmer's Bible, but is the first revised by him, and having his preface. The arms of the Earl of Essex, which were inserted in the title-page of the first edition (1539), were cut out after his execution. Presentation copy to Henry VIII., as is shown by the following MS. inscription on the reverse of the fly-leaf:—"This Booke is presented unto your most excellent highnesse by youre loving, faithfull, and obedient Subject and daylye Oratour, Anthonye Marler, of London, Haberdassher." Described in Anderson, Annals of the English Bible, vol. ii. pp. 131 and 142. From the old royal collection.
10.Horæ beatæ Virginis.—Printed in the first half of the sixteenth century. A specimen of minute size and type. Purchased in 1843.
11.Pedro de Cordova. Doctrina Christiana. Mexico, 1544.—The earliest existing book printed in America. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
12.The Book of Common Prayer. London, 1549.—First edition of the first Reformed Prayer Book of King Edward VI. Purchased in 1848.
13.Dorta. Coloquios dos simples da India. Goa, 1563.—The second book printed in the East Indies. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
14.Hand-bill, circulated and posted on the church-doors in Venice, containing an account of the extraordinary endowments of the "Admirable" Crichton; with his challenge to a public disputation to be held in the Church of St. John and St. Paul.—Printed at Venice, in 1580. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
15.A Booke of Christian Prayers. London, 1590.—This is commonly called Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book. The woodcuts are from designs by Albert Durer, Holbein, &c. Purchased in 1842.page 28
16.De missione Legatorum Japonensium ad Romanam curiam. Macao, 1590.—The first book printed by Europeans in China.
17.Shakspere. Venus and Adonis. London, 1594.—The very rare second edition of this poem. Bequeathed by the Bight Hon. Thomas Grenville.
18.Shakspere. Romeo and Juliet. London, 1597.—First edition. Bequeathed by David Garrick.
19.Shakspere. Venus and Adonis. London, 1602.—Unique Purchased in 1845.
20.Cervantes. Don Quixote. Madrid, 1605.—The very rare first edition in Spanish. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
21.Bogusz. [unclear: ΔασΨ] metaphysica de Unitate.—Printed on satin, at Sedan, in 1605. A presentation copy to James I. The autograph of Prince Henry occurs in the volume. From the old royal collection.
22.Shakspere. Sonnets. London, 1609.—First edition. Purchased in 1845.
23.Shakspere. Merry Wives of Windsor.—London, 1619. Bequeathed by David Garrick.
24.Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies.—Printed by Isaac Jaggard and Edward Blount, London, 1623. The first collected edition of Shakspere's Plays. With dedication to William Earl of Pembroke and Philip Earl of Montgomery, signed by John Heminge and Henry Condell, the editors, and two of the principal actors of Shakspere's plays. The lines facing the portrait are by Ben Jonson: the portrait by Martin Droeshout. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
25.The New Yeeres Gift. London, 1638. With Portrait of the Dwarf, Jeffery Hudson. Belonged formerly to Horace Walpole. Purchased in 1847.
26.Walton's Complete Angler. London, 1652.—First edition. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks.
27.Milton. Paradise Lost. London, 1667.—First edition. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.page 29
28.Innocentia Victrix. Canton, 1671.—Printed from wooden blocks upon bamboo paper. The first book printed by Europeans at Canton. Purchased in 1844.
29.A Pack of Cards made about the time of the Popish Plot in 1679, representing the events of the Spanish Armada. Purchased in 1846.
30.Defoe. Robinson Crusoe. London, April, 1719.—The first edition. Purchased in 1852.
31.Sallust. Belli Catilinarii et Jugurthini historæ. Edimburgi, Guil. Ged, aurifaber Edinensis non typis mobilibus, sed tabellis seu laminis fusis excudcbat. 1744. One of the earliest specimens of stereotype printing, by William Ged, a goldsmith of Edinburgh. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
32.Anacreon. Foulis, Glasgow, 1751.—Printed on silk of various colours. From the library of King George III.
33.Horace. Henri Didot, Paris, 1828.—Printed in the smallest type ever produced, called by Didot, "CaractÈre Microscopique." Purchased in 1843.
34."Royal Arctic Theatre." Play-bill on chamois leather, printed on board H.M.S. Assistance, off Griffith's Island, Arctic Regions, in the winter of 1850-51. Presented in 1851.