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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 13

Case XII.—Books with Autographs.—Broadsides

Case XII.—Books with Autographs.—Broadsides.

1.The Autograph of Lord Bacon, on a copy of the works of Fulgentius. Cologne, 1526. Purchased in 1837.
2.The Autograph of Michelagnolo Buonarotti, commonly called Michael Angelo, on a copy of the "Rime" of Vittoria Colonna, printed at Venice in 1558. Purchased in 1850.
3.Calvin's Commentary on St. John's Gospel.—Printed in 1553. With a MS. note of presentation by the author. Purchased in 1849.
4.The Autograph of William Cecil, Lord Burghley, on a copy of Geuffroy, Briefve Description de la Court du Grant Turc. Paris, 1546. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.page 24
5.The Autograph of Charles I., when Prince of Wales, in a volume of Almanacks of the year 1624, belonging to James I. From the old royal collection.
6.The Autograph of Robert Devereux, second Earl of Essex, on a copy of Celsus, De sanitate tuenda. Antwerp, 1539. From the old royal collection.
7.Eck's Enchiridion, with his autograph notes, corrections, and additions. Purchased in 1850.
8.The Autograph of Henry, Prince of Wales, eldest son of King James I., on a copy of Cicero) "De Officiis." Cologne, 1581. From the old royal collection.
9.The Autograph of Ben Jonson, on a presentation copy to John Florio of the first edition of his Volpone, printed in 1607. From the library of King George III.
10.The Autograph of Queen Katherine Parr, last wife of King Henry VIII., on a copy of "Les mots Francois selon l'ordre des lettres," printed at Paris in 1544. From the old royal collection.
11.Lucan's Pharsalia, Venice; 1502, with MS. notes, by Aldus Manutius the younger. Purchased in 1845.
12.The Autograph of Martin Luther, dated 1542, in the first volume of a copy of the German Bible, printed at Wittemberg in 1541. The same copy was afterwards in the possession of Melanchthon, who in 1557 wrote a long note on the fly-leaf of the second volume, also exhibited. Purchased in 1829.
13.The Autograph of Philip Melanchthon on the second volume of the German Bible, printed at Wittemberg in 1541.
14.The Autograph of Milton, on a copy of Aratus' Phænomena, printed at Paris in 1559. Purchased in 1850.
15.The Autograph of Sir Isaac Newton, on a summons to the Fellows of the Royal Society, for the election of the Council and Officers.
16.Swift's Correspondence, 1724-31; with manuscript notes by Sir Walter Scott. Purchased in 1855.
17.Bacon's Advancement of Learning. Oxford. 1640. page 25 With 23 apophthegms inserted by Charles I. with his own hand. From the old royal collection.
18.II Castiglione, by Gritio. Printed in 1586. With MS. notes by Tasso. Purchased in 1848.
19.Voltaire's Essay on the Civil Wars, written by him in English.—Printed in 1727. With a note of presentation by the author to Sir Hans Sloane. From the Sloane Collection.
20.Waller's Poems, 1668, with his autograph dedication in verse, to "Hir Royal Highness," the Duchess of York. Purchased in 1848.
21."The Valley lay smiling before me," a proof sheet of Moore's Melodies, with autograph corrections by the Author.
22.The Ninety-five Theses or Propositions, against the Doctrine of Indulgences and other points, which Luther, on the 31st October, 1517, posted on the doors of the church of Wittemberg, and upon which he challenged all the world to dispute with him in the University. Purchased in 1846.
23.Luther's Appeal to a General Council against the Proceedings commenced against him at Rome and elsewhere by order of the Pope.—Dated Nov. 28, 1518. Purchased in 1846.
24.Order of the Council of State, appointing Cromwell Lord Protector.—Dated December 16, 1653.
25.A Proclamation by King Charles II., ordering the suppression of the "Defensio pro Populo Anglicano," and of the "Iconoclastes," by Milton, who is therein stated to have fled from justice.—Dated Aug. 13, 1660.
26.A Proclamation issued by the Lords Justices, dated September 15th, 1714, offering £100,000 for the apprehension of the Pretender, Prince James, should he attempt to land in England.
27.A Proclamation of Prince Charles Edward, styling himself Prince of Wales, offering £30,000 for the apprehension of King George II., who is therein styled Elector of Hanover: dated August 22nd, 1745.