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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 13

Case XI.—Specimens of Illustrations on Wood and Copperplate

Case XI.—Specimens of Illustrations on Wood and Copperplate.

1.Speculum Humanæ Salvationis.—Printed at Augsburg by G. Zainer about 1471. With coloured woodcuts. Purchased in 1846.page 22
2.Tyberinus. Die geschicht und legend von dem seyligen Kind und Marterer genannt Symon von den Juden z?. Trientt gemarteret und getöttet.—Printed at Augsburg by G. Zainer about 1475. An early specimen of woodcut illustration. Purchased in 1846.
3.Bettini. El monte Sancto di Dio.—Printed at Florence by Niccolò di Lorenzo, 1477. The first book illustrated with copper-plate engravings. Described in Bibl. Spencer. iv. 128. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.
4.Der Endchrist.—An undescribed edition, with coloured woodcuts, printed about 1480. Purchased in 1856.
5.Breydenbach. Opus transmarinæ peregrinationis ad sepulchrum dominicum in Jherusalem. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.—On vellum. Printed at Mentz, in 1486. One of the earliest books of travels printed, and the first illustrated with folding views. From the Library of King George III.
6.Durer. Epitome in Divæ Parthenices Mariæ; historiam ab Alberto Durero per figuras digestam; cum versibus Chelidonii.—Printed by Albert Durer at Nuremberg in 1511. From the library of King George III.
7.Passional Christi und Antichrist. Wittenberg, 1521.—The illustrations by Lucas Cranach. Purchased in 1846.
8.Holbein. Les Simulachres & historiees faces de la mort. Lyons, 1538.—The first edition of Holbein's Dance of Death.
9.Holbein. Historiarum Veteris Testamenti Icones. Lugduni, 1539.—The second edition of Holbein's Bible cuts.
10.Amman. [unclear: Παγπλα] omnium artium. Frankofurti, 1568.—A series of woodcuts illustrative of professions and trades, designed by Jost Amman. Purchased in 1846.
11.Map of Cambridge, engraved by Richard Lyne—in Caius, Historia Cantabrigiensis Academiæ. Lond. 1574.—No other copy of this map known. A presentation copy of the book from John Parker, son of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, to James I. From the old royal collection.page 23
12.The procession at the Obsequies of Sir Philip Sydney, drawn and invented by T. L[ant], Gent., servant to the said honourable Knight, and engraven on copper by D. T. de Bry, in the city of London, 1587.—Intended to form a long roll. The only perfect copy known. Bequeathed by Miss Banks.
13.Amman. Charta Lusoria. Nuremberg, 1588.—Woodcuts of playing cards designed by Jost Amman, with illustrative verses, in Latin and German, composed by J. H. Schroter, the Imperial Poet Laureate. Purchased in 1846.
14.Ariosto. Orlando Furioso. Translated by Sir John Harrington.—Printed at London in 1591. "The pictures cut in brasse are by the best workemen in that kinde in this land—for mine owne part I have not seene anie made in England better.—As for other books in this realme, yet all their figures are cut in wood and none in metall."—This is sometimes, but erroneously, called the earliest English book with copper-plate engravings. Bequeathed by the Rev. C. M. Cracherode.
15.Hollar. The true effigies of King Charles, Queene Mary, with the rest of the Royall Progenie. Plates by Hollar and Vaughan.—London, 1641. Bequeathed by the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.