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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 13


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The second legs of the image I am not so certain about; but there is one thing of which I am certain, that whatever Emperor forms the second division, will hold the greater part of Austria, or will, perhaps, be the German Empire.

It has been quite the custom for Messrs Baxter and Co. to make Britain one of the toes; but such is not the case. I do not say that Britain is a true Christain nation; but the nations of the earth are something like our "Legislators"—they are not all alike—for there are some of them worse than others, and Britain is one of the best, as she has been the great supporter of "The Two Witnessing Prophets," viz., freedom of thought, Political and Ecclesiastical. Britain is the land that is, and has been for ages, a city of refuge to the persecuted of all orders of society. Britains are true in saying in their ballads—

"'Tis a glorious Banner, deny it who can

The home of a true-born Englishman."

Therefore she is the power that will not be conquered by any other nation; but will lay down the crown at the foot of Jesus.

The next work that I publish will be the Slaying of the Two Witnessing Prophets in the Reign of Louis XIV., in France, to their resurrection in the Reign of Louis XVI. up to the present time, and I am sure that my readers will not be sorry for France after they read the horrible history from the massacre of St. Bartholomew down to the present time.