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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12



In the Session of 1871 extra duties were imposed upon the articles enumerated in the following table, and the relative difference of their imported value during the years named may indicate a corresponding effect upon the producing power of the country:—
1871. 1872.
Flour £85,329 £57,454
Beans & Peas 170 482
Maze 27,139 21,305
Meal 21 84
Wheat 47,431 25,558
Malt 19,817 19,667
Shingles 3,494 5,022
1871. 1872.
Hops £21,468 £20,855
Soap 7,315 4,963
Timber (sawn) 27,780 36,333
Laths 50 564
Palings 6,734 8,884
Post and Rails 1,020 774

The increase in the items timber and hops may be accounted for by the extraordinary and sudden demand for the former, and occasioned by the prosecution of public works, and the impossibility page 11 of producing the latter in so short a space of time. It is, however, satisfactory to know that hop culture is being largely entered into.

The imports of the colony for the year ending December 31st, 1872, exceed those of the year 1871 by, £1,064,758.

Exports for 1871, £5,282,084; for 1872, £5,190,665, shewing a decrease of £91,419.

Articles which are now produced and manufactured in the colony, principally owing to encouraging duties:—Beer (bottled) pays duty of 35 per cent, upon value imported; beer (in bulk), 40; candles, 11; chicory, 200; confectionery, 20; soap, 9; timber (sawn), 14; laths, 14; posts and rails, 10; palings, 16; shingles, 18; tobacco, 140; cigars, 60.

The following should be free, as they cannot be produced in the colony:—Arrowroot, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, sago, spices, pepper, and tapioca. The total imports for 1871 upon these amounts to £26,795—no very large sum out of the grand total.

During the year 1871 imports to the amount of £795,000 came into the colony free of duty: £1,430,000 at 5 per cent, and under, and £3,044,000 at 11 per cent, and under, or three-fourths of the total imports—the total amounting for 1871 to £4,078,193.

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