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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12



The Church of the Province of New Zealand, commonly called the Church of England.
The New Zealand Presbyterian Church.
The Roman Catholic Church.
The Presbyterian Church of Otago and Southland.
The Wesleyan Methodist Society.
All Congregational Independents.
The Primitive Methodist Connexion.
The United Methodist Free Churches.
The Lutheran Church.
All Hebrew Congregations.
The Society of Friends.

Fees, how to be accounted for. 1854, Act No. 12, Sec. 48. N.B.—The erased type has been overruled by Section 9 of "The Public Revenues Act, 1867." See § 63.

§ 62. All fees collected under the authority of this Act by any Registrar shall be accounted for quarterly, and paid over to the colonial Treasurer or to such other person as the Governor shall direct, for the public uses of the colony, and for the support of the Government thereof.
page 25
§ 63. All moneys which shall come into the

Marriage Acts.

possession of any Receiver, payable to the Public

From "The Public Revenues Act, 1867." See 62.

Account, shall be paid day by day by such Receiver into the bank, in the manner and subject to the

1867, Act No. 84, Sec. 9.

regulations hereinafter mentioned, to the credit of the proper branch in such account according as the same may have arisen, and the bank shall give receipts in duplicate for such moneys in such form as the said Regulations shall direct: Provided that if it shall be inconvenient for such Receiver, by reason of distance from the bank or other cause, to make such daily payments, then such Receiver shall pay such moneys into the Public Account in such manner as shall be directed in the Regulations hereinafter mentioned. And the words "the bank" shall, for the purposes of this Act, be taken to mean any bank or branch bank into which moneys shall be directed to be paid into the Public Account under the authority of the Governor and Council.?