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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

VIII. Penalties

page 20


VIII. Penalties.

For false declaration, sec § 18.

For false representation, see § 26.

For solemnizing or being present at marriage of minors without consent, see § 27.

For solemnizing marriage in any other place than that specified in certificate, or without a certificate, see § 31.

For falsely pretending to be an Officiating Minister, see § 33.

For neglecting to register a marriage, sec § 38.

For neglecting to transmit returns to Registrar General, see § 39.

page 21

For making false entries, sec § 40.

Marriage Acts.

For Registrar acting illegally, see § 41.

For injuring or counterfeiting registers, see § 43.

§ 56. Every action or prosecution under this Act

Prosecutions to be commenced within three years after offence.

shall he commenced within the space of three years after the offence was committed.

1854, Act No. 12, Sec. 41.