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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 11

Catalogue of Students

page 48

Catalogue of Students.

William Thomas Adams Minn Dr. J. J. Stone.
Charles Rucker Aiken Ill Faculty.
Wells Andrews Ills Dr. R. B. M. Wilson.
Ellwood Armstrong Ills Dr. C. Hard.
William Benjamin Artz Mo Dr. T. S. Ashbaugh.
Theophilus Lambert Ashbaugh Mo Practitioner.
Eugene Savillian Atwood Ills Faculty.
Emmory Ballou Ills Practitioner.
Edwin Julius Bartlett Ills Prof. Lyman.
Samuel Leonard Baugh Ind Drs. Simmonson & Webster.
Samuel Henry Bell Ills Dr. J. B. Bell.
George Wesley Bellus Iowa Dr. J. B. Galer.
Edwin George Bennett Wis Dr. R. H. Stetson.
James Gordon Berry Ills Norman Bridge.
Albert Henry Bill Ills Dr. C. M. Fitch.
John Burnie Wis Practitioner.
Ira Bishop Wis Dr. E. Sherman.
John Blackford Blue Ind Practitioner.
Robert Leonard Boone Iowa Dr. J. N. Morris.
David Hampton Bowen Ills Dr. R. Broughton.
Louis Braun Ills Faculty.
George Edward Brown Ills Dr. D. B Fonda.
Charles Henry Buchanan Ills Dr. C. M. Fitch.
Frank Wayland Bullock Ills Dr. J. S. Bullock.
Isaac Henry Cadwallader Ills Dr. J. C. Ross.
Charles Edwin Caldwell Ills Dr. O. P. Crane.
William Burr Caldwell Ills Dr. B. H. Weatherby.
Neil D Campbell Canada Dr. D. C. McIntyre.
Edward Alphonso Carpenter Ills Practitioner.
Marshall Cassingham Ills Practitioner.
Samuel Lafferty Chapin Ills Drs. Tyler & Chapin,
George Chapman Mich Practitioner.
Theodore W. Chase Wis.
Michael Clark Iowa Dr. J. B. Saler.
Remaldo Demelville Clark Wis Dr. M. Waterhouse.
Henry Augustine Clarke Ills Dr. N. H. Clarke.page 49
William Harris Cook Ills Dr. J. A.Cook.
Thomas Henry Cornwall Ills Dr. C. H. Burbanks.
Melton Coykendall Ills Dr. J. W. McKenna.
Joseph H Craig Iowa Dr. W. S. Craig.
George Patrick Cunningham Ills Faculty.
Irving Le Roy Cutter Ind Dr. H. G. Smith.
William Herbert Doolittle Ills Dr. D. Doolittle.
David Alexander Drennan Ills Dr. W. C. Johnson.
Edward Henry Dudley Wis Dr. R. Broughton.
Charles Egan Wis Dr. W. A. Harvey.
William Clarence Egan Ills Dr. C. B. Eagan.
Frank Wallace Edwards Ills Dr. E. W. Edwards,
Anton Egger Ills Dr. G. C. Welner.
James Marcus Everett Ills Drs. Everett & Law.
Edgar J Farlow Iowa Dr. B. M. Webster.
George Wyatt Farrow Mo Practitioner.
Luther Melancthon Focht, A.B Iowa Dr. G. S. Focht.
Joseph Folbrecht Iowa Dr. O. Folbrecht.
Linder James Forney, M.D Iowa Practitioner.
Louis Fredericks Wis Dr. T. W. Howes.
Florianus Frigon Ills Dr. K. Cornell.
Henry Fritcher Ills Dr. S. J. Avery.
Marcus Lindsay Fullenwider Ills Dr. H. S. Noble.
John R Gardiner Ills Dr. J. D. Gardiner.
James Sylvester Gayer Ills Dr. J. G. McKenny.
Cornelius Augustus Glass Ills Dr. T. P. Yerkes.
William Gœltz, Jr Ills Dr. D. Q. Scheppers.
Orris William Grant Ills Faculty.
Luman Moody Giffin Vt Dr. D. F. Coolidge.
Byron Wilson Griffin Ills Dr. J. N. Danforth.
Allen Wesley Hagenbuch, Pa Dr. J. E. O'Brien,
Thomas Edmund Hall Minn Dr. H. Jones.
William Edward Hall Ills Dr. J. J Tucker.
John Guilford Hallam Kan Dr. J. McMurray,
Sylvester Clay Ham Ills Drs. Moore and Barnes.
Royal Gray Hamilton Ills Dr. G. W. Braun.
John Freeborn Haney Ills Dr. M. J. Reese.
William Orlando Harland Ills Dr. J. T. McShane.
Henry Leonard Harrington Ills Dr. William Chamberlain.
Harvey Lindsey Harris Ills Dr. J. W. Waters.
Livy Hatchett, Jr Ills Dr. M. Reese.
Ryerson George Healey Canada Dr. C. L. Sinclair.
John Henry Heron Ills Faculty.
Hamilton Wortle Hewitt Wis Dr. R. W. Earl.
Jesse Lemuel Hill Iowa Dr. J. Wood.
Noah Rehnolds Hobbs Iowa Dr. E. J. Chapman.page 50
Samuel Judd Holmes Wis Dr. William Fox.
Ernest Frederick Gottlieb Horst Minn Dr. J. H. Stewart.
Robert Willis Hoyt Minn Dr. J. M. Wheat.
Henry Clay Hubbard Ills Dr. F. Cole.
Alonzo French Huntoon Ills Dr. J. A. Monroe.
Robert Hutchinson Ills Dr. G. J. Monroe.
William Hutchinson Ills Faculty.
William Henry Harrison Hutton Ills Practitioner.
Hortensius Lowry Isherwood Iowa Dr. J. Carson.
William Henry Jennings N. Y Dr. C. G. Anderson.
Frank Dulin Johnson Iowa Dr. A. S. Maxwell.
John Cain Johnston, M.D Ills Practitioner.
Frank Sebra Jones Ills Faculty.
Henry Wallbank Jones Minn Dr. S. S. Wallbank.
Jacob Snyder Kauffman Ills Dr. J. P. Armstrong.
Henry Charles Kerber Ills Prof. Rea.
Andrew Kershaw Ills Dr. W. R. Patten.
George Dutton Ladd Wis Dr. S. Marks.
Alfred Moses Lancaster Ills Dr. H. B. Osborn.
Edmund Matthew Landis Ills Dr. E. Landis.
William Marcellus Larrabee Wis Dr. C. W. Hamilton.
Olin Joseph Lawry Ills Dr. G. E. Vance.
Wallace Frederick Lewis Ills Dr. I. W. Danforth.
Edward Hanson Lockwood Iowa Dr. L. J. Adair.
Henry Baldwin Losey Wis Dr. W. A. Anderson.
William Mulholand Macfarlane Wis Dr. J. Macfarlane.
Thomas Macfarlane Wis Dr. M. Waterhouse.
Thomas Cook McCleery Iowa Dr. W. E. Frazer.
Finla McClure Ills Dr. V. C. McClure.
Charles Angus McDonell Ills Dr. Norman Bridge.
James McDougle Ills Dr. S. S Gilbert.
James Johnson McFadden N. Y Dr. S. S. Nash.
George Washington McKinney Ills Dr. J. G. McKinney.
John Nathaniel Mallory Minn Winona Prep. Med. School
John Drake Mandeville Ills Dr. W. H. Hess.
Childs Mantor Ills Dr. L. B. Brown.
William Wirt Mandeville Ills Dr. J. D. Mandeville.
Delos Danforth Marr Ills Dr. S. S. Keen.
Ira Rex Marsh Ills Dr. W. H. Watson.
Jacob May Wis Dr. T. S. Mayhem.
James Allen Mead Ills Dr. E. W. Lee.
William Meyer Ind Dr. T. Higday.
William Walter Meyer Iowa Dr. J. C. Galer.
Thomas Munson Michaels Iowa Practitioner.
David Rochon Mignault Ills Faculty.
Robert Edward Miller Ind Dr. F. H. Morical.page 51
Hosea Fountain Clark Miller Ind Dr. F. H. Morical.
George Mortimer Mills Ills Practitioner.
Edward Williston Minton, A.B Ills Drs. J. P. & F. S. Matthews.
Peter Risdon Moore Ills Dr. S. S. Moore.
Frank Helton Morical Ind Practitioner.
William Walter Mulliken Ills Dr. W. P. Pierce.
Hiram Irving Nance Ills D. H. Nance.
Charles Henry Noel Neb Faculty.
James Albert Nowlen Ills Dr. A. Nowlen.
Floyd O'Brien Ills Dr. F.Cole.
Smith Orr Ills Dr. J. C. Corbus.
Dayton Painter Iowa Dr. C. McAllister.
Henry Hall Park Ills Dr. J. K. McBride.
John Phineas Parks Ind Dr. T. T. Sinn.
George Weston Parsons, M.D Iowa Practitioner.
Campbell William Patrick Ills Faculty.
Lou Van Patten Ills Faculty.
John Pehrsoon Minn Dr. A. W. Daniels.
Henry Pettibone Ind Dr. H. Pettibone.
Leland Bela Corydon Phelps Pa Dr. B. E. Phelps,
James Henry Phillips Ills Dr. L. W. Case.
Willis F Pierce Ills Dr. M. H. Gardner.
Frank John Pope Wis Dr. J. C. Noyes.
Frank Pottle Minn Dr. H. H. Kimball.
Gilbert Lafayett Pritchett Ills Dr. J. O. Hamilton.
William Gardner Putney Ills Dr. J. B. Rood.
George Washington Ramsey Iowa Faculty.
John Stewart Reyburn Ills D. A. J. Perkins.
Franklin Reyner Iowa Dr. D. M. Finley.
Walter Forward Reynolds Ills Practitioner.
Duncan Reed Wis Dr. M. Watterhouse.
George Riley Ind Dr. T. Higday.
Thomas Jefferson Robbins Ind Dr. A. H. Robbins.
Albert Bird Royal Ills Dr. A. E. Palmer.
Almon James Ryan Neb Dr. W. H. Palmer.
Edward Winfield Ryan Minn Dr. A. W. Powers.
David Rust Ills Dr. J. Rust.
Isidor Sax Ills Practitioner.
Gustavus Frank Schreiber Ills Dr. R. M. Lackey.
James Edwin Scott Ills Dr. J. Corbus.
Charles Scott Ills Faculty.
David Ernest Sedgwick Ills Faculty.
Lewis Cass Seeley Ills D. J. W. Mitchell.
Thomas Albert Smith Ills D. J. J. Smith.
John Wesley Spear Ills Dr. J. B. Wralker.
William Wheeler Squire Wis Dr. S. A. Squire.page 52
Andrew Theodore Steele Ills Practitioner.
Benjamin Elias Strickler Iowa Dr. M. Underwood.
Alexander Douglas Taylor Ills Dr. J. McGinnis.
August Theodore Thieman Ills Faculty.
George Thurston Thomas Ills Dr. W. C. Brown.
Jared Holt Thompson Iowa Practitioner.
George King Tillottson Wis Dr. Wm. Fox.
John William Trimmer Pa Dr. A. B. Dill.
Seth Hayes Truesdale Ills Dr. C. K. Riley.
Frederick Turner Wis Dr. E. G. Horton.
Charles Henry Venn Ills Dr. E. Hausleutner.
Clark Wesley Voorus Wis Dr. D. W. Moore.
Solon Robinson Wakefield Vt Dr. D. F. Coolidge.
James Henry Walker Ills Dr. J. P. Walker.
Colon Christopher Watson Ills Dr. J. E. Best.
William Harrah Watson Ills Practitioner.
Elwood Weems Ills Drs. Moore & Barnes.
Samuel S Weidner Iowa Dr. P. W. Lewellan.
Grier William Wheatland Iowa Practitioner.
Arthur LeRoy Wheeler Wis Dr. W. M. Wheeler.
William Clements White Mo Dr. D. White.
Joel Wallace Whitmire Ills Dr. J. S. Whitmire.
Charles Livingston Wiley Wis Dr. L. B. La Count.
Frederick John Wilkie Wis Dr. T. P. Russell.
John Williams Wis Dr. B. F. Hopkins.
Lucas Richard Williams Ills Dr. J. F. Cook.
Robert R Williams Wis Faculty.
Azro Willitts Ills Dr. E. S. Marshall.
James Firman Youmans Iowa Dr. J. Youmans.