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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 11

Union College of Law

page 37

Union College of Law.


Andrews, I. W., Jr Chicago.
Atwood, William H Galva.
Bliss, Orville, J. (deceased) Hyde Park.
Booth, Hervey W Chicago.
Brainard, Edwin Chicago.
Burke, James G Byron.
Butler, Seldon H Abingdon.
Browne, Nathaniel Lysle.
Burley, Clarence A. (Senior during Third Term) Chicago.
Carter, Leslie Chicago.
Cooper, Henry A Burlington, Wis.
Day, Francis C Chicago.
Eastman, Sidney C Maywood.
Fanning, Charles A Chicago.
Farson, Charles F Chicago.
Fisher, Edward A Chicago.
Geeting. John F Lawlor, Iowa.
Hayden, Daniel T Nebraska City, Iowa.
Hogan, Dennis J Chicago.
Hunt, Wilbur C St. Charles.
Husted, Frederick M Galva.
Ingham, George C Covington, Ind.
Jayne, Edgar L Wyoming Valley, Pa.
John, James M
Keeler, Charles B Chicago.
Latshaw, Henry C Chicago.
Lynch, John C New Orleans, La.
McFarland, James Chicago.
Mason, Henry B. (pleadings only) Chicago.
McCord, L. E Geneseo.
Mason, Alfred B Chicago.
Neuman, Jacob Chicago.
Norcross, Hiram F Monmouth.
Nicholson, William Chicago.
Raymond, James H Evanston.
Rockafellow, Joseph B Galva.
Stevenson, Hugh B Chemung.
Walsh, Thomas J Chicago.
Wilson, Charles S Chicago.
page 38


Allen, Louis Carlisle.
Asay, James F. (casual.) Chicago.
Averill, S. P Chicago.
Andrews, J. W. (pleadings only) Chicago.
Harrow, John T. Chicago.
Baker, Geo. A. H Chicago.
Bellamy, Rufus W Chicago.
Berdel, C. A Chicago.
Bliss, Howard C Chicago.
Boice, Leonard Chicago.
Bockius, F. B. E Chicago.
Brodrick, Michael Chicago.
Burley, Clarance A Chicago.
Butterfield, Chas. W Chicago.
Buehler, John Chicago.
Browne, Oliver Chicago.
Brickwood, Albert W Farina.
Burton, T. E. (transient.) Oberlin, Ohio.
Carrell, Geo. W Chicago.
Carey, Warren Princeton.
Chamberlain, Wm. Y Yellow Springs, Ohio
Collier, C. R. (casual.) Petersburg.
Darlow, James Chicago.
DeWolf, W. L Chicago.
Drake, Thomas B Chicago.
Doud, Albert L Gardner.
Elliott, Frank C
Ellis, John A Chicago.
Frank, Calvin Peoria.
Ficklin, A. C Charleston.
Farmer, William M Vandalia.
Garlock, C. F Muscatine, Iowa.
Gorton, E. F Chicago.
Goulet, Geo. C. (casual) Kankakee.
Grove, J. Paul Shelbyville.
Herford, Samuel Chicago.
Heap, Arnold Chicago.
Honore, A. C Chicago.
Ireland, Robert M Chicago.page 39
Jampolis, Robert R Chicago.
Jones, William H Verona Spa, New York.
Katz, Chas. S Chicago.
Kelsey, Silas E Lisbon.
King, Irving C Chicago.
Krummey, John Chicago.
Labrie, Arthur C Manteno.
Lewis, Martin O Chicago.
McGarry, Wm. L Evanston.
McNabb, E. O. (transient) Chicago.
Meagher, John (transient) Chicago.
Mason, Henry B. (pleadings only) Chicago.
Nicholson, William (entere Senior class 3d term) Chicago.
Norris, D. W Chicago.
Perry, Don J. (casual) Chicago.
Rich, Albert R Metamora.
Robinson, William M Paris, Mo.
Sprogle, H. O. (transient) Chicago.
Trask, Chas. S Caledonia, Minnesota.
Ward, James H Chicago.
Winters, Eric New York City.
Whitnell, Albert Loudon, Iowa.
Wilbur, Geo. W Belvidere.
Wing, R. M Lisbon.
Zook, David L Chicago.
Seniors 39
Juniors 64
Whole number 103