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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 11

Rules and Regulations

page 30

Rules and Regulations.

Rule I. All term bills must be settled strictly in advance.

Rule II. No deduction in tuition will be allowed on account of absence, except for a continued absence of more than six weeks, and that by reason of sickness, of which satisfactory proof will be required.

Rule III. Any student who is absent from his recitations, or from the University, for more than two weeks at any one time, except on account of sickness, or for other reasons satisfactory to the Faculty, will forfeit his position in his class, and with it all other privileges of the University.

Rule IV. Excuses for absence from recitation must be rendered to the Professor in charge; for absence from the Institution and from Chapel, to the President.

Rule V. Three unexcused absences on the part of any student during any term will render the student liable to censure or suspension.

Rule VI. Any student taking a partial course must arrange his course with the President at the beginning of each term.

Rule VII. Students will be assigned to their rooms by the Registrar, and no student can change his room without permission of the Registrar.

Rule VIII. Day students cannot occupy the private rooms of resident students except with the special permission of the Registrar, and upon the payment of a suitable room rent.

Rule IX. No repairs or alterations can be made in any room except upon the order of the Registrar, to whom all damages must be immediately reported.

Rule X. No burning fluid, or kerosene, or other oils for burning, can be used by any student except upon permission of the Registrar.

Rule XI. Students are responsible for the care of their rooms, and of the University property in their possession, and they will be required to give receipt for such property to the Registrar.

Rule XII. No student will be allowed to carry away from the city any key, book or other article belonging to the University.

Rule XIII. No student will be permitted to room in the building during the summer vacation, except by the permission of the President.