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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 11


In this Course provision is made for the thorough and comprehensive study of Chemistry as an art, in the belief that, aside from the practical relations of the science, the educational effect of Laboratory practice is of great value. By such practice the senses are trained to observe with accuracy, and the judgment to rely with confidence on the proof of actual experiment.

In the Laboratory of this Department, under the direction of Professor Wheeler, aided by competent assistants, the student of Applied Chemistry will have ample opportunity of becoming practically familiar with the materials, apparatus and processes of the most important Chemical arts and manufactures.

A systematic Course in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis will be followed by practical studies with regard to the application of Chemistry to Agriculture, Mining, Metallurgy, Assaying, Medicine, Pharmacy, Toxicology, Preservation of Timber, Meats, etc., Warming, Illumination, Ventilation, Photography and other useful purposes. On those who shall complete a full course, requiring from two to three years' time, and who shall have passed a satisfactory examination, the degree of Bachelor of Science will be conferred. Certificates will be granted to students who do not graduate, stating the time they have been present, the studies pursued, and the progress made.

The Laboratory is quite new, and one of the best equipped in the West. The student will have ample opportunity of visiting the numerous manufacturing establishments of Chicago and vicinity, and witnessing important industrial applications of the science, the study of which he is pursuing.

The Laboratory Fee for special students in Chemistry is $5.00 per term; for the regular course, $1.00.