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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 11

II.—scientific Course

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II.—scientific Course.

Requirements for Admission.

For the Scientific Course, Students will be examined in the same studies as for the Classical, with the omission of Greek altogether, and of Latin excepting the Latin Grammar and Reader, and four books of Cæsar's Commentaries, or Cornelius Nepos, and in the first part of Harkness' Introduction to Latin Composition. In College, they will use the same text-books as those in the Classical Course, so far as the two courses coincide. (See "Announcements," page 8.)

Freshman Class.

First Term.

1.Mathematics.—Loomis's Algebra completed, from Chapter XVIII.
2.Latin.—Select Orations of Cicero. Latin Composition.
3.German.—Otto's Grammar.

Second Term.

1.Mathematics.—Geometry completed, from Book VI. Plane Trigonometry.
2.Latin.—Virgil. Latin Prosody.
3.German.—Otto's Grammar and Whitney's Reader.

Third Term.

1.Latin.—Virgil. Latin Prosody.
2.Mathematics.—Plane Trigonometry completed. Mensuration or Surveying.
3.German.—Whitney's Reader. Otto's Grammar.

Sophomore Class.

First Term.

1.Mathematics.—Natural Philosophy. Snell's Olmsted.
2.English.—Fowler's English Grammar. Trench on the Study of Words.
3.German.—A Play of Schiller.
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Second Term.

1.Rhetoric.—Whately or Bain.
2.Physics.—Natural Philosophy—Snell's Olmsted completed. Spherical Trigonometry.
3.German.—A play of Schiller.

Third Term.

2.Mathematics.—Analytical Geometry.
3.German.—Goethe's Goetz von Berlichingen.

Junior Class.

First Term.

1.Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology.
3.French.—Magill's Grammar and Reader.

Second Term.


Anatomy and Physiology.—The Nervous System.

English Literature.—Taine. Lectures.

2.Chemistry.—Barker's. Lectures.
3.French.—Magill's Grammar and Reader.

Third Term.

1.Intellectual Philosophy.

Natural History.—Botany.

Chemistry.—Barker's. Lectures.

3.French.—Magill's Grammar and Reader.

Senior Class.

First Term.

2.History.—Guizot's History of Civilization.
3.Natural History.—Geology and Mineralogy (Dana).

Second Term.

1.Moral Philosophy.
2.Natural philosophy.—Geology and Mineralogy completed.
3.Chemistry.—Laboratory Practice.

Third Term.

1.Political Philosophy.—Political Economy.
2.Constitutional Law.—Constitution of the United States. International Law. Themes and declamations throughout the course.